Videos: Madonna and Jimmy Fallon Sing Holiday and Madonna Tries to Be a Comedienne

By on April 10, 2015
'madonna sings holiday on Jimmy Fallon'
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Madonna stopped by The Tonight Show music Room to perform her classic hit song Holiday.

'madonna sings holiday on Jimmy Fallon'

Playing the vocals, cowbell and whistle, Madonna rocked one of her original songs that brought her the fame she has endured over the past 30 years while Jimmy Fallon played the wood block, bass drum and Casio keyboard.

Following the clip of the duo singing, Fallon raved about Madonna’s performance while Madonna admitted to forgetting the words. How does one forget the words to a song that made you an international sensation and multi-millionaire?

Madonna then sat down for an interview with Jimmy Fallon where she admitted she wanted simplicity and she always wanted to be a comedienne. Jimmy Fallon fulfilled her wish and even re-introduced the star for her brief routine. Madonna appeared nervous, saying it’s best to begin with something you know, so she began by discussing how she loves to date younger men. She joked (or was it really a joke?) that she was sitting with her son Rocco at breakfast and said to him she hadn’t been on a date in a couple of weeks, before asking him if he had any friends for her. You would need to know that her son is only 14 to see the humor in the joke. Even for Madonna that’s a bit on the young side. Although she has dated men who are in their early 20’s.

She continued with her monologue, revealing the upside of dating younger men is that they are really good with phones.

Let’s just say, Madonna is a much better singer than comedienne.

We also saw Madonna dance onto the stage wearing several gold chains and her gold grill for her interview that included Fallon remembering a pelvic-thrusting dance move she taught him.

We have Madonna’s monologue and her singing Holiday with Jimmy Fallon and Roots on the next page.

Let us know what you think of Madonna’s comedic talents.

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