Video: Sawyer Fredericks Sings ‘Trouble’ on The Voice

By on April 6, 2015
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The Voice may have found their winner for the 2015 season 8. Sawyer Fredericks is one of the final 10 contestants on the hit reality show, The Voice.

sawyer fredericks

What makes Fredericks so special? Can it be his young age? He is only 16 years old and has stood out from the start. Singing for Team Pharrell, Fredericks proved to make an impression on all of the judges. The last to perform, Fredericks received rave reviews from Adam Levine. The former Sexiest Man Alive and judge of The Voice, told Sawyer, he was in awe as to how his “man voice” handled such an adult song. He also said, it was crazy how his soul is so much older than he is. Levine revealed he is a huge fan of Sawyer Fredericks and really enjoy watching him perform. Blake Shelton said what all the judges were most likely thinking, “It’s hard to watch Sawyer and not think that the other coaches here are screwed.” He also told the teen singer, “Just keep doing what you do week in and week out up there, and I don’t care what happens on this show, you’re a star.”

Of course, Pharrell was, extremely proud, and told the singer, “I consider you to be like a super-rare natural. I’m really convinced that America and all those young ladies out there that listen to you sing, they will completely understand.”

Will Fredericks receive the votes he needs from America (and all the young teens out there?)

We have the video of Sawyer Fredericks singing Trouble, by Ray LaMontagne’s on the next page.

Let us know your thoughts on his performance and if you think Sawyer will make it to the end of the competition and become the winner for Season 8 of The Voice?

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Check out the video on the next page.

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