Younger Recap 4/14/2015 Season 1 Episode 4 – The Exes

By on April 14, 2015
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Last week on Younger, we got a glimpse into Liza and Josh’s blossoming love life with a cliff hanger of the two almost getting ready to finally have sex, well tonight, they just did that. We also became aware of Liza’s good for nothing ex husband and how he treats her, making her feel like she is the one who is always wrong and doing something to mess the relationship up further when in reality, he’s just a complete tool. Kelsey finally made her way to land her author and she did, which was great for her.

Last week’s episode was filled with comedy where as tonight’s episode took a bit of a more serious twist and turn. While the series stayed true to it’s comedic tone and does not let up with that at all, tonight’s episode felt a bit more focused on who the characters are, their real feelings and what they want out of life, all while confusing things even more, LOL. Liza and Maggie took a trip to pack up Liza’s old home she shared with her ex husband but in the process were met with a rather disappointing reveal when the buyer said they would get barely nothing for all of her piece of furniture which ended with Maggie taking Liza to Brooklyn to a yard sale where she made the right amount of money for what her items were worth, GO MAGGIE! Liza has been confused about wanting to tell Josh the truth since the moment they met and last week we saw Liza contemplating on spilling the beans while heading to see Josh, only to be met with his dangerously charming smile and sexual appetite for her which caused her to simply say “never mind” and continue to lead him to the bedroom.

Tonight we finally got to see the two love birds get it on and while it was still safe for TV, it was definitely a steamy session between the two, done well and perfectly shot so props to the crew for making it safe, yet still satisfyingly sexy. After the two hook up, in 3 different places if correct, they cuddle up and begin to talk, in which Liza almost slips up but quickly saves her lie. Liza is clearly torn between telling Josh the truth and while it seems like the best and smartest decision for her before she get’s too wrapped up in him, everytime she tries, she backs out. This is not a good idea Liza, we all know, every lie comes to light sooner or later. As Liza leaves Josh’s bedroom and tries to make her escape, the song WalkAShame by Meghan Trainor began to play in my head. Upon arriving back home to see Maggie, Liza says “I am officially acting like a 26 year old monster” causing Maggie to see that Liza is more into Josh than it seems and it’s not just fun to Liza anymore, but could you blame her? Have you seen Josh? Swoon! HAHA. Liza tells Maggie that the reason she is keeping the secret is because she feels like Josh will not be interested in her anymore and she wants to keep having sex with her, Maggie then tells her to simply let it go and just have sex, though she knows now that Liza has actual feelings for Josh.

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