American Ninja Warrior Recap – 5/25/15 – Season Premiere

By on May 25, 2015
American Ninja Warrior 2015
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American Ninja Warrior is back for the 2015 season, fans! And this year, NBC is bringing it with new obstacles and a bevy of great new Mount Midoriyama hopefuls competing for the top prize.

American Ninja Warrior 2015

Tonight’s qualifying round takes us to Venice Beach, California. Competitors will come up against six obstacles, including three that have never been attempted before: the Mini Silk Slider, Spin Cycle and Hourglass Drop.

American Ninja Warrior veterans Kevin Bull and David Campbell return for another shot at completing the course, while former Baltimore Raven & Super Bowl Champion Brendon Ayanbadejo and current NFL player Jon Ryan of the Seattle Seahawks take on the course for the first time.

Tonight’s line up of contestants and events looks like it’s going to be completely amazing – and the rest of the season, which has another qualifying round in Venice Beach, followed by a round in Kansas City, is sure to be great as well!

Contestant: Kyle Cochran
Results: Kyle started off strong by completing the Quintuple Steps with ease, however the Mini Silk Slider gave him quite a bit of trouble, and after hanging on for less than one minute he completely lost momentum and found himself stuck in the middle of the track – so he dropped into the pool.

Contestant: Brendan Ayanbadego
Results: Here’s this season’s very first professional athlete – a former NFL player. He cleared the first three obstacles with ease, but as he headed into the fourth obstacle – the brand-new Spin Cycle – he took a long pause. As he made his way across the obstacle it looked like he would be successful, but as he made the dismount his left foot hit the water and, he’s out.

Contestant: Jackson Meyer
Results: Jackson is a proud Eagle Scout who boasts that he lives by the Boy Scout motto – Be Prepared. And as he became the first person to complete the fourth obstacle, he proved that he’s got more Ninja skills than an NFL player. However, the Hourglass Drop bested him, and he hit the water.

Contestant: Jeff Clement
Results: Jeff made it through the first three obstacles easily, but got a bit hung up when he got to the final hoop on the Spin Cycle. After trying to regain momentum he attempted a dismount but took a hard fall into the water, slamming the entire right side of his body, including his face, on the mat on the way down – ouch!

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