America’s Got Talent Recap 5/26/15 – Audition 1 – Season 10

By on May 26, 2015
America's Got Talent Nick Cannon
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America’s Got Talent is kicking off season 10 this year, and the competition is sure to be fierce! Nick Cannon is returning as host, with Howard Stern, Howie Mandel, Mel B., and Heidi Klum all returning to the judges table.

America's Got Talent Nick Cannon

And while the faces at the judges table might be the same, this year there’s an added addition to the table – The Golden Buzzer. If the judges hit The Golden Buzzer – which can be used four times throughout the competition, one time per judge – the act will go right through to the live rounds at Radio City Music Hall where they will, of course, be competing for a $1million prize!

Now – on to the contestants!

Contestant: Noah (8) and Elan (7)
Talent: Dancing
Performance Notes: This was the most enthusiastic rendition of MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This” possibly ever! And definitely the most adorable.
The Results: Four “yes” votes sends this adorable duo on to the next round – we’re kicking off Season 10 on a high note!

Contestant: Triple Threat – Will, Richie, and Tyler
Talent: Singing
Performance Notes: Ohhhh they’re GOOD! I wasn’t quite expecting this but WOW. These three guys met because they were all injured at the same time on the high school football team and just passed the time by singing, and it’s a good thing they did!
The Results: A “yes” from every judge (and a triple “yes” from Howie) sends these three off to the next round!

Contestant: Ira (32, flower delivery specialist) and Miriam (his mom)
Talent: Singing Comedian … Puppets
Performance Notes: Yes, they’re puppets. Yes, it’s awesomely adorable and funny. Howie said Ira wasn’t the best singer in the world, and Howard agreed – but I disagree! They both did agree that Ira moved them though – so … will it be enough?
The Results: A yes from Howard, a yes for Heidi (who felt slighted because Ira sang to Mel and not her), a no from Mel – which was absolutely devastating to Ira as Mel is his one true love – and a yes from Howie, which sends him (and Mom!) along to the next round!

Contestant: Christian
Talent: Hypnotist (yaaaassss!!)
Performance Notes: This performance started off with Nick making a disclaimer to the audience that if they didn’t want to be hypnotized they should leave the auditorium. We also weren’t actually allowed to see him hypnotize Howie on TV, so every once in a while the camera would pan away – and also panned into the audience, where an audience member was hypnotized! Interestingly, Christian decided to hypnotize Howie into being okay with shaking his hand if he had gloves on. Howie notoriously has OCD and is VERY against shaking hands with people (his germaphobia is also the reason that he’s bald). He told him that he had gloves on (which he didn’t) and … shook his hand. Howie then shook hands with Howard, Heidi, and Mel B. – incredible!
The Results: Howard buzzed Christian out about halfway through (before we got to the meat of the performance) and then took it back and gave him a yes. Mel and Heidi also gave him enthusiastic yeses – and he’s off to the next round.

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