Is The Bachelorette, Kaitlyn Bristowe Pregnant?

By on May 27, 2015
'is kaitlyn bristow the bachelorette pregnant'

Well that didn’t take long. The rumor mill, or as we like to frequently call them, the lies, have begun for The Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe. With the latest lie being Kaitlyn is pregnant.

'is kaitlyn bristow the bachelorette pregnant'

Of course, she is pregnant (cue sarcasm). During the season premiere of the show, there was an ABC promo of The Bachelorette, showing Bristowe in tears and apologizing to the men for taking it too far with one of the contestants. Therefore, it was inevitable that one of the rags would make up a story that The Bachelorette is pregnant.

Besides being lied about and saying the reality star is pregnant, she has taken a lot of heat for possibly having sex on the show, being called a tramp and having to deal with a lot of slut shaming on the internet. While Kaitlyn is not the first bachlorette or bachelor to have had sex on the show, she is the first woman who has spoken so openly about it. After Nick Viall called out Andi Dorfman for sleeping with him and then choosing someone else as her fiancé, the world was aghast that he would call her out like that.  As Kaitlyn has previously stated, she is a 30 year old woman and she doesn’t understand why everyone is making such a big deal about whether or not she has had sex with any of the contestants.

On the cover of the magazine it says that Kaitlyn is furious and she feels completely used. The magazine also claims that Britt Nilsson will be returning to The Bachelorette. Britt was eliminated as The Bachelorette, but she ended up with a man anyway, when Brady Troops came to her hotel room and pretty much swept her off her feet. The couple are still together.

What do you think about the cover story claiming that Kaitlyn Bristowe is pregnant? We have a call into ABC to confirm or deny the rumor and will keep you posted.



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