The Blacklist TV Recap 4/30/15 “Quon Zhang”

By on May 1, 2015
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16_NUP_168406_0724Last week on The Blacklist…Mr. Kaplan retrieves a wounded Reddy, but when Liz tells The FBI where to find them, assassins turn up instead. Reddy sends Liz to find Leonard Caul because he’s the key to Reddy’s survival. He actually finds her when she goes to Reddy’s home to retrieve “The Interface” the device that works with “The Fulcrum.” With it working Liz is able to go to the Director of Intelligence who has called for the attack on Reddy and get him to back off. He reveals that he knew Liz’s mother.

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We open two men robbing a grave and when security guard—wait. Cemeteries have security now? Um, okay. When a security guard stumbles upon them he’s killed for his trouble by one of the men who has horrific burns on the back of his head. Horrific Burns then sells the body for $37K to a man who requested it. He strokes the hair on the corpse lovingly, saying, “You’re going to be so pretty.” Ew.

Reddy meets with Leonard Caul who’s finally updating The McGuffin, er, I mean The Fulcrum to the 21st century, instantly making it less interesting. Apparently what’s going down was supposed to happen in ’17, but Evil Hawkeye Pierce’s Replacement is moving things up. Now they need to find right hand man to Evil Hawkeye Pierce’s Replacement. Given Reddy threatened to cut out his tongue he admits finding him will be a little difficult. Liz visits Red and after she ignores his question about what she found in his apt, he tells her about the grave robbing and why it happened. Basically Horrific Scar smuggles more than bodies and has done jobs for the Evil Shadowy Group. Red also warns Liz that since she revealed herself, they’ll be coming for her too.

Agent Geek and Hot Iranian Agent use the info Liz gives them to find out other grave robberies all with the same type of body: Asian, female, 20’s. I could make a tasteless Woody Harrelson or Wesley Snipes joke here, but I won’t. They’re actually somewhat competent and find the recent body so they can stop it at the airport. The robot doesn’t find the explosives in the casket, so they have to look in the body, which means the return of the Wacky Medical Examiner! He’s more entertaining in 2 minutes than the entire cast minus Reddy combined. But he doesn’t find anything.

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