The Blacklist TV Recap 5/7/15 “Karakurt”

By on May 8, 2015
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Last week on The Blacklist, Liz attempted to pressure Reddy about her mother, but he only responds with information on a grave robbery, indicating the perpetrator works for The Cabal and has supplied explosives used in numerous terror attacks. Meanwhile, Reddy has embarked on his on campaign to bring a Cabal member out of hiding for setting Reddy up. Liz and the Task Force find the grave robber thanks to his primary business: finding ghost brides for families in China. Once caught he reveals he brought something in for The Cabal. Only this time it was a man, not a thing. Reddy finds The Cabal member he was searching for and after tricking him out of information about the Cabal’s plans, sends the man’s tongue to the Cabal leader. Reddy reveals Liz’s mother was a Russian intelligence agent, but no more. Read the full recap of The Blacklist from last week’s episode here.

We open with a heavily accented man on a college campus handing out flyers about repealing The Patriot Act. One student makes the mistake of actually engaging him in conversation and gets poisoned for his trouble. See!?! If they’re against The Patriot Act they’re evil foreigners who will kill your children!

Liz meets with Tom about her rainy night cry for help. He wants her to run away with him, but she insists she’s not running away with someone she doesn’t know. That’s good. I think the fact he’s a cold-blooded murderer should have a little more to do with it, but okay. Reddy calls and she goes him to stomp her feet and pout about him not telling her more about her mother. Bear in mind he’s trying to talk to her about an assassin re-igniting the Cold War and preventing it. She flat out says her issues are just as important. Reddy rightfully looks at her like she’s nuts and then just continues. Oh, in the next room a guy from the Russian Consulate is being tortured for information.

Liz and Agent Blonde Dude go to the CIA to share information and meet with a guy who makes you think Andy Warhol faked his death so he could work Russian Counterintelligence for the CIA. He tells them that they have nothing on the Russian assassin and doubt he’s on US soil. He sounds a bit petulant about it so Liz steps up and basically tells him to get over himself.

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