Bruce Jenner’s Female Side Lands “Vanity Fair” Cover!

By on May 29, 2015


Bruce Jenner has the dresses and the shoes and is slowly but surely changing his looks so that he can complete his transition from male to female. When he spoke with Diane Sawyer, he said that the change would happen sooner rather than later. At the same time, he told his kids that they would meet “her” around Spring time. Rumors have been flying that Bruce just went under the knife to complete what he has chosen to make him feel complete in his new body. Over the summer, the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” patriarch and former Olympian will have a docu-series which will follow his transition. He had initially signed up for a television show with the Diane Sawyer interview as the pilot but then he decided to change production companies. Bruce still wants to go by the pronoun of “he” and has not revealed what his female name is.

Stepdaughter Kim Kardashian West has seen Bruce’s female side and has nothing but compliments as did Diane Sawyer. But America has only seen a small glimpse of what is to come. Now, we have learned that Bruce will debut his feminine persona on the cover of “Vanity Fair” Magazine. This is the same magazine where Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes debuted their daughter Suri. We do not have much more details like the exact date or if the photos have been taken but all we know is that sources are saying that it will be this summer. It could be documented on the docu-series and that is how they will sell magazines but this is just crazy. From “Playgirl” to “Vanity Fair” as a woman…it is so exciting. It is like seeing someone’s wedding photo or new baby because really, Bruce will have to nurture this new persona. He may have already nurtured her but it is hard when he has split closets as if he is two people and has yet to mesh into one. I’m just excited to learn the name that he has chosen.

What are your thoughts on this and will you buy the magazine?

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