Catfish: The TV Show Recap 5/6/15- Steven & Samm

By on May 6, 2015
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“Catfish: The TV Show” has been nothing but catfishing this season, like I wonder how these people have dated online for so long yet have been so oblivious. You can keep up with season four of “Catfish: The TV Show” right here.


Max was off doing his own thing for the first handful of episodes but Nev still called on him whenever he had a question. There was a lot of backstabbing and betrayal as nobody and I really mean nobody was who we hoped they would be. Even if there was a rare case that there was an attraction, it was not reciprocated. Then there was the time that the show actually got catfished by two women. They were so desperate to meet up with each other that they faked most of their online relationship and hid secrets in order to have MTV pay for them to get together. They did have a happy ending so after all the bad stories, I think Nev was happy to finally have a good outcome. Very atypical for this season for sure and I start to wonder if fans plot these stories just to get on television.

Tonight, Steven and Samm want to meet up and relocate to live with each other. However, one of the moms is skeptical of what is going on and does not want her son to make a mistake. That is when she enlists the help of Nev and Max to crack the case. Can we at least have one more happy ending before this season ends? Geez MTV; is that too much to ask?

Keep reading to see if this is true love or just another scam.

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Okay, so Steven’s mom is really nervous about the concept that her soon-to-be high school graduate son wants to move in with his online girlfriend, Samm. There is a lot of texting between the two of them but they never doing any face-chatting and don’t regularly speak on the phone. Steven’s mom recruits Nev and Max as she wants answers, believing that Samm is actually a man, not the woman that Steven thinks she is. What did they dig up? Nev and Max discover that Samm shares a phone line with a girl named Jasmine so they are trying to figure out whom Steven has spoken with. Or he has fallen in love with. They believe that he has been talking to Jasmine but the girl in the photo is Samm.

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One Comment

  1. darci

    May 22, 2015 at 7:47 pm

    I just realized that this was the first time that a mom reached out to the show first – can’t believe it’s taken that long, given the nature of a lot of people who get Catfished. Even funnier is how it’s come out that it was actually Samm who wrote to the show, but the producers changed the story to make it fit their ideas better (I guess they also realized a parent had never made first contact before).

    Oooh i also just wanted to say I loved that they used “Tourist” by Clementine & The Galaxy during the scene when Steven and Samm meet for the first time I love that song

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