Dance Moms Recap 5/26/15- Dance Moms Down Under, Part 2

By on May 26, 2015
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“Dance Moms” was in California then back home to Pittsburgh and now they are in Australia to perform at the ASTRA Awards. Funny enough, Abby Lee Miller is not welcomed down under so it would make sense that she would lose her passport. You can keep up with this season of “Dance Moms” right here.


The girls have all flown to Australia though no one knows who will perform or what will happen. And Maddie is no longer the golden child after messing up a routine. JoJo’s mother Jessalynn learned the harsh reality of young bullying when a video of the girls mocking her daughter’s speech issues went viral. Abby has addressed them before and Kira has mocked JoJo but to have those whom she considered friends doing this was hard. The girls wanted JoJo to know that they were just playing around but that is pretty rude. Wonder where they get it from. Scrambling around Australia with no Abby is fun but they do need some guidance. Abby is really biting off more than she can chew and I think that it is finally catching up with her.

Nia is going to debut her new music video down under and Holly is thrilled. She loves that they do not need Abby to make a banging music video that showcases Nia’s talent. The other moms don’t seem so keen on it all but they each have something going on with their daughters that is special. Now, will they make it to the ASTRA Awards unscathed or will this be an epic mistake? It is the equivalent to the Emmy Awards in America so anything can happen. Abby is now with her group but they have not had any direction from her so that could either help or harm them.

Keep reading to see what happens when they take on Australia.

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Everyone is having fun in Australia and playing with nature per Abby. She, for some reason, felt that they should have fun within the time that they are in Melbourne. Kalani, Kendall, Maddie and Mackenzie will be in a special routine and these are the girls that she has chosen to perform. She does not want JoJo nor Nia in the “Mad Max” tribute dance. Kalani is not around while Abby is explaining what is going on and the moms question where she is. Abby tells them that Kalani took a day with Kira to just explore which seems like such a double-standard to Holly. Holly then informs the moms that Nia has a performance in Melbourne and hopes everyone can join but the scheduling is a hot mess.

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