Dig Recap: Season Finale: Armageddon Protocol 5/7/15

By on May 7, 2015
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Previously on Dig, Lynn, Peter and Cohen, and Emma are left on their own with the investigation, since everyone around them seems to be wrapped up as a Bad Guy trying to get the world to end. Lynn found out the Ambassador was trying to kill her and was more involved, so she decided to trust Peter and his ‘crazy’ theory that she had been talking him out of from the beginning. Things seem to be unravelling as fast as they’re getting more and more complicated, and the boys continue to try and make sense of it. They separated, and when Cohen talks with one of his contacts, he finally has all the answers. But of course, the moment Cohen calls Peter to tell him, a car comes out of nowhere and hits him, then an attacker stabs him in the throat, and it turns out the attacker is none other than Emma. The full recap is this way.

The finale kicks off as Peter arrives at the site and Ian ushers him over to show him something. He leads himinto a chamber to see something before the Order of Oriah destroy something. Apparently there’s a giant treasure behind one wall. Peter doesn’t believe him, but Ian insists he can trust him now because he’s done- once he learned there was Armageddon at stake, he called it quits. Peter finally gets Cohen’s voicemail, hears him get hit and races to the site. He manages to get close enough to the body to find Cohen’s left a final message in his own blood: “Rebecca.” He races to see the college kid to see what he told Cohen, but he’s in a medicated coma again. ┬áHe goes to see Uri to see how he’s holding up. He’s not, so Peter promises to catch who killed Cohen. He asks Uri about the Rebecca lead and gets nothing. He leaves to see Cohen’s father is hovering nearby. He expresses his condolences and Cohen’s father points out there’s a lunar eclipse going on: one of the signs of what’s to come.

Elsewhere in the morning, Lynn has been taken by Leah and a couple of other people. She manages to talk Leah into freeing her, then attacks her, then gets the upperhand on the driver, too. She’s forced to kill him and she takes Leah’s phone. She hurries off.

At Emma’s, Peter arrives and Emma expresses her condolences, but then when Peter mentions Ian, she’s instantly interested in that and eyes his gun. She points out that the people going for the end of the world can’t do anything without the Foundation Stone. Peter admits wanting to give up after everything and letting the world end. Emma tells him they can’t, then she sees sandstone on Peter’s shirt and asks about it, and how the dig site wouldn’t have had sandstone around it. Peter takes his gun and leaves. Elsewhere, Avram steps into an alley, where the Essene meets him and gives him a knife- to kill Josh.

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