Emily VanCamp Clears Up Revenge Mystery

By on May 18, 2015
'revenge recap 2014'

'revenge recap 2014'

With the series finale of “Revenge” taking place last week, Emily VanCamp is speaking out and clarifying the mystery of how she survived and if she indeed did receive Victoria’s heart, leaving her to live on forever, in some capacity.

We saw in the epic finale, Emily/Amanda was shot by Victoria Grayson, played by Madeleine Stowe, and survives. As with all fairy tales, we see Emanda sailing off happily, but having recurring nightmares that she only lived because she received a heart transplant using Victoria’s heart. We also see sister Charlotte telling the doctor that Emanda could not know who saved her life. Of course, that would be a nightmare for Emily/Amanda as Victoria had been her arch nemesis and a literal thorn in her side since she was a child, ruining her life. Having any part of Victoria in her would be the ultimate revenge all around, now wouldn’t it.

Yet, it looks like the mystery has been solved as Emily VanCamp, who played Emily and Amanda for the four season, has taken to her Twitter account to clear up the biggest mystery of the Revenge series finale, telling the fans:

“@EmilyVanCamp: Emily did not receive Victorias heart!! The idea was that it was a recurring nightmare that would haunt her forever. #Truth #Revenge”

While VanCamp was all to happy to clear up the mystery, the showrunner, Sunil Nayar liked how the series was left with never-ending questions about this heart that we all know Victoria never really had. Nayar told E!,“I love the fact that it’s an open question.” He revealed he spoke to both Emily VanCamp and Madeline Stowe about it, as well. It just seemed fitting that the one to actually save Emanda would be her worst enemy Victoria; would she have rather died than have that heart inside of her? Nayar is so happy that fans are still having these heated debates as to whether the nightmares are in fact truth and my question is: how does Emily VanCamp really know that her character was not saved by Victoria? We know Victoria died and was placed in the Grayson plot but maybe she was good for something.

“It speaks to the core of the show: not knowing who you are in any given moment and not knowing if that is good or bad or if you are your own worst enemy.I love that it is being debated. I hoped it would. What are the implications if it’s true vs. if it’s just her nightmare?” Nayar concludes. I wanted to believe that Emanda received Victoria’s heart but would use her powers to soften it but that is just me. What do you think of the revelation? Are you happy to know or would you rather have had it left as a mystery?

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