Erin Andrews Defends Herself on Twitter Following Eye Roll During Noah Galloway Proposal

By on May 12, 2015
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Erin Andrews is not having a good month. First her boyfriend of three years, Jarret Stoll, gets arrested for drug possession, then she was caught on Dancing With the Stars doing the eye roll during a very emotional moment.

'erin andrews rolls eyes during proposal'


Noah Galloway proposed to his girlfriend, Jamie Boyd, following his amazing individual performance. Noah and his professional dance partner, Sharna Burgess completed their dance to rave reviews from the judges and received a 36/40. While they were waiting for their scores, Erin Andrews was interviewing Galloway. Galloway’s girlfriend was there for support when he told Boyd that the most amazing moment he had this season was the moment, several weeks ago, when she surprised him and showed up unexpectedly to see him perform. He continued by telling her, ‘this song, ‘The Time of My Life,’ you do that to me.’ And then he proposed to cheers from the crowd. Unfortunately, at the same time, Andrews was then ridiculed for her reaction to the proposal.

We aren’t sure if it was the fans of Galloway or the haters of Andrews, but Twitter exploded with criticism to Andrews reaction to the engagement. The host of the show, was seen rolling her eyes and throwing her head back. If you take it out of context that is exactly what it looks like. If you look at the complete video, you see she takes a deep breath before she throws her head back to keep from crying. So what did Erin have to say to the haters?

Andrews took to Twitter to defend herself when someone wrote,

‘Someone BETTER gif @ErinAndrews reaction face to that proposal #dancingwiththestars’ Andrews retweeted it with the following response, ‘Where I was trying not to bawl’

She also responded to a viewer who was annoyed that she was ruining the moment between Noah and Jamie by standing right in between them. She tweeted them saying,

And go where? RT @HunterHasty: @ErinAndrews is so freaking awkward! Don’t stand between the couple while he’s trying to purpose!! 😓

When she was accused of being rude and breaking up a moment between Val and Bruno Andrews retweeted the accusation and defended herself again saying,

‘Ahaha producers telling me to wrap! I ❤️ Twitter RT @mrsValc: @ErinAndrews is so rude. Bruno and val were having a moment can you just not.’

We have to ask – do  you think that the viewers were being exceptionally hard on Erin Andrews? Or is it possible that she was really just trying not to cry. The tears are visible, so it doesn’t seem like she was making it up. As for ruining the moment between Bruno and Val – the show ends at 10PM and if the producers tell you to wrap it up, then you need to wrap it up.

Check out the video of Erin Andrews on the next page and let us know what you think?

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