The Future of Josh Duggar Now That He Confessed to Being a Child Molester

By on May 31, 2015
'josh duggar molester'

Josh Duggar of 19 Kids and Counting had it all. The married father of three, was a key character on the hit reality series, was the Executive Director at the Family Research Council and was loved by all. And then news that he had molested five girls when he was 14 years old hit the internet and he has stepped down from his position with the FRC and the hit reality series 19 Kids and Counting is in limbo, having been taken off the air. There is no word if it will return at all or if it will return without Josh.

'josh duggar molester'

While Josh Duggar has no job and no income, he has the support of his wife Anna and his family. What does the future look like for Josh Duggar? While Josh was never convicted of being a child molester, the world knows. There is no escaping the label. He will walk into a room and the first thought will be “isn’t that Josh Duggar, the guy who molested girls when he was a teenager?” Forgiveness for sexual deviants is rare and hard to find. Below we have listed some of the things that Josh Duggar and his family will deal with for the rest of their lives.

Finding a job – this is going to be very difficult. Since Josh is not a registered sex offender, when filling out information when pursuing a job, he will not have to check off the box saying he was arrested. But since he is Josh Duggar, someone in the work place is bound to know of him and about him, making it very difficult to find a job. A name change may be his only hope. The name, Josh Duggar, will always sound familiar, but many people do not know what he looks like.

Social Life – friends will be hard to find. Nobody will want their children around someone who has molested before – especially alone. End of discussion.

Family Life – Josh molested two of his sisters. How can everything be okay? The sisters supposedly have forgiven him. While the sisters weren’t named in the case, Josh was mysteriously missing from both of his sister’s bridal parties. Coincidence? His family is standing by him during this difficult time – but for how long? And will all 19 of them and his parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, continue to stand by Josh?

Public Life – Josh is finished. While the world has a short memory when it comes to most things, sexual molesters NEVER get a pass. Drinking, gambling or cheating is one thing – but hurting children is never forgiven. Even if he decides to pull the rehab card, there is no hope for redemption. It wouldn’t be surprising to hear that Josh ends up going into the ministry – but it would be interesting to see if any congregants actually show up – if that is the route he chooses.

Once someone is an admitted sexual molester, there is no where to go from there. In doing our research, there is little information on the internet about what the future holds for molesters and there is definitely no success stories out there. People rarely bounce back from it, even if they were a teen when it happened.

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  1. TS

    May 31, 2015 at 9:48 am

    I have alway watched the 19 kids & counting. I was in TN when the news broke.. I was stunned. Then I got to thinking about Josh and I thought ..did he get counseling and his victims. Did they get help?!?! I think Josh should be in prison. He needs help and most times, these kids are victims themselves. I think an investigation should go in the Duggar home and Josh Duggars home. I know the statue of limitations has run out, but he needs intensive counseling because all the Duggars did was sweep it under the rug. I hope Josh, his family and his parents and victims get the help they need. Prayers for all involved….

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