General Hospital Recap for May 4 to May 8, 2015

By on May 9, 2015
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This week On General Hospital…..the Nurses’ Ball continues with more twists than a pretzel!

'general hospital'

The entire ballroom sits in stunned silence as Brad proposes to Lucas. Lucas stands and whispers to Brad, “Don’t ask unless you really mean it.” Brad admits he got caught up in the moment, but he totally means it. So, will he? Will Lucas marry him? Lucas grabs the microphone. Yes! Giddy, they practically sprint out of the ballroom, passing Jake and Carly having an intense conversation in the lobby.

Jake recovers from the news that Hayden is not his real wife. He chastises Carly for hurting Elizabeth while humiliating Ric. Carly says that was collateral damage; she had to reveal Ric’s deception publicly. Jake wants to try again with Elizabeth, but Carly says he could have a family out there somewhere. Jake shakes his head. He asks Carly to support him on his decision. Carly blinks back her tears as she assures Jake that she always has his back. If being with Elizabeth makes him happy, then go for it!

In the dressing room Nikolas blurts that Jake is really Jason. Helena told him and he didn’t reveal this information because Helena blackmailed him. Nikolas admits he wants to take over ELQ and didn’t want anything to get in his way. Elizabeth slaps Nikolas as she reminds him how many people grieved for Jason. Nikolas points out that everyone is happy now, why rock the boat? Elizabeth realizes how many lives would be ruined by revealing Jake’s true identity, including her own. Nonetheless she strides to the front of the room ready to announce that Jake is Jason!

While Nikolas was talking to Elizabeth, the Nurses’ Ball continued. Lucy changes into yet another dress and excitedly introduces the highly anticipated, crowd-pleasing Magic Milo and the Magic Wands. Milo, Lucas, Felix, TJ, and Nathan strut their stuff against backdrops of their professions (doctor, nurse, student, etc. We are surprised that Milo is still a pizza delivery guy). They end with a quick striptease wearing boxer briefs with “Nurses’ Ball” across their bottoms. The next act is no less sexist. The Haunted Starlets, led by someone who can actually sing this year (Sabrina) are dressed like 1950 housewives and sighing over ironing and encouraging their man to buy them a ring. The next act is a nice palate cleaner.   Emma and Cameron perform the tango, but are interrupted by Spencer dressed as the Phantom of the Nurses’ Ball. He almost injuries them with falling sand bags and gets taken home where he sees his dead mother, Courtney! Lucy salvages the show by suggesting Duke and Anna finish the tango, but not before she is once again caught in her undies!

The next act of the Nurses’ Ball is a Patrick and Emma duet about being anything and doing anything. (If anyone knows the name of the song, please mention it in the comments!) The performance brings tears to many people’s eyes, most especially Anna and Sam’s. You can tell Anna is thinking of Robin and wondering why the hell her daughter is not living in Port Charles with her adorable family.

Lucy is about to introduce the next act when Elizabeth strides onto the stage and grabs the microphone. Everyone waits uncomfortably as Elizabeth, on the verge of tears, says she has something to say about Jason. Immediately Sam and Carly’s ears perk up. What about Jason? Elizabeth remembers all the sweet moments she had with Jake, now knowing he was Jason. She realizes it is finally her chance to live happily ever after with Jason, so instead of revealing Jake’s true identity, she re-tells the moment Robin announced she was HIV positive at the first Nurses’ Ball, how she was the face of HIV, how she watched Stone die, and how she crumbled into tears and Jason came out of nowhere to pick her up and carry her off of the stage. Elizabeth thanks everyone and runs out of the room. Nikolas follows her, wondering why Elizabeth didn’t blow their secret out of the water. Elizabeth explains her motives and Nikolas asks if she can live with that. Elizabeth boldly says that if this means happy, then yes. It’s about time she made a selfish decision! Being good has gotten her nowhere! Nikolas understands that and lets it go.

Back in the ballroom Jake frets about Elizabeth. Ned, as Eddie Maine, takes the stage with backup singers Felix, Sabrina, and Epiphany. He is followed by Spinelli doing a goofy rendition of “All My Life.” It’s clear Spinelli is thinking of Ellie, but tries to aim all his attention at Maxie. Ellie, too, is clearly affected by the song, which does not go unnoticed by Maxie. The last act is the traditional “You’re Not Alone Anymore” sung by Sabrina and Epiphany.

Being at the ball doesn’t deter the mobsters and the cops trying to nail them. Shawn wants to speak to Duke about getting protection for Jordan, not realizing that the person who ordered the hit on her was Duke himself! Duke disappears into the dressing room to reinstate the hit, only to be confronted by Anna, who wants to talk about their relationship! Both admit that they are still deeply in love with each other, but Anna can’t be with Duke, not when he is still in the mob. Duke offers to walk away from Sonny’s business. He proposes that they run away together. Tears spring to Anna’s eyes as she agrees. After Anna leaves, Duke leaves a message for his hit man. Do NOT hurt Jordan!

Sloane corners Jake, who is looking for Elizabeth, and wants to know if Jake has made any more progress with the Jerome’s. Jake wants to focus on why Carlos was in his room with a rifle. Sloane thinks it was to place blame on Jake for Jordan’s hit. Jake doesn’t buy that. He insists that there is another hit on someone else—or that Julian did not order the hit on Jordan. Later Jake finally is face with face with Elizabeth. He offers to take her and Cameron home. Elizabeth gratefully accepts.

At Elizabeth’s house Jake and Elizabeth have a long talk about Ric, Hayden, and their stalled romance. Jake wants to pick up where they left off. Elizabeth hesitates, feeling a stab of guilt, but the idea of being with Jason is too appealing to her. She leads him upstairs where they finally have the chance to be together. After Jake leaves (don’t want to confuse Cameron by letting him know Jake spent the night), Elizabeth looks at a photo of Jason, convincing herself that Sam and Danny will be happy with Patrick and Emma. This is her chance to be with Jason and damn it, she is going to take it!

At Wyndemere Spencer sits up when he feels a hand on his back. It’s his mother, Courtney! Spencer rubs his eyes. She’s dead! What is she doing here? Courtney explains she knew Spencer needed her. She gently talks to him about his face, being kind to others (she reveals she is a “common townie” like Cameron), and that his face is not as scarred as he thinks it is. She encourages him to remove his mask. Spencer allows her and is amazed to see that his scar is not as bad as some of his fellow patients at Shriners. Courtney reminds her son that she is always with him and loves him. Spencer wants her to stay, but she can’t. When Nikolas returns home, he is surprised to see the mask is gone. He joins Spencer on the couch as Courtney appears behind them, fondly touching their heads.

Later Nikolas heads upstairs to bed where he finds Hayden—naked and wrapped in bedsheets. Hayden playfully invites Nikolas to bed, but Nikolas refuses to play. He orders Hayden out, both before and after sexing her up. Hayden declares she is homeless (thanks to Carly) and decides to move into Wyndemere—or else she will reveal that Nikolas knows Jake’s real identity! Nikolas calls Hayden’s bluff; that’s just her theory. Hayden smiles as she curls up in bed. She knows more than Nikolas believes. Actually, she believes that Jake is actually Jason! When Nikolas questions her, Hayden confesses that she overheard him with Elizabeth. They probably shouldn’t be dropping bombshell revelations in public spaces. Armed with this piece of intel, Hayden insists on moving in. Nikolas will allow it—for now. We wonder how he’s going to explain this to Spencer?

Back at the Metro Court Shawn and Jordan are about to leave when they see Julian and Alexis. Shawn immediately roughs Julian up, accusing him of trying to kill Jordan. Julian spits that Jordan is small game to him. He has bigger fish to fry! Alexis separates the men and orders Julian to go into the ballroom to get some ice for his face. Unbeknownst to all of them, Duke’s hitman, Bruce, lurks around the corner, ignoring Duke’s messages. Bruce follows Jordan and Shawn home where he fakes a request from Duke to have Shawn oversee a shipment at the docks. Shawn reluctantly leaves Jordan, not realizing that Bruce is about to break in and shoot her!

In the ballroom Sam and Patrick see Olivia with Ned. Unable to help herself Sam marches over to Olivia and says that she knows Ned is not the father of Olivia’s baby; Julian is! Both Olivia and Ned beg Sam to keep quiet. They list all the reasons why Julian knowing about the baby would put the child’s life in danger. Sam doesn’t want to keep secrets from her father and says just that as Julian enters the room. Julian presses Sam to tell him what is going on as Olivia and Ned protest. When Alexis joins them, Sam looks at her parents and blurts that Olivia is pregnant with Julian’s child, not Ned’s. Just then Olivia moans and doubles over in pain. Patrick examines her and realizes her water has broken. She is going into labor—and there’s no time to get to the hospital. She is going to have the baby in the Metro Court ballroom! Julian is desperate to witness the birth of his child, but Alexis drags him away for Olivia’s sake. Patrick with Sam’s help delivers a baby boy as Ned coaches Olivia. Olivia is happy it’s a boy, but becomes alarmed when she doesn’t hear him cry. What is wrong?

Nathan and Ellie lament on their lack of success in breaking Spinelli and Maxie up. As Spinelli and Maxie exit the ballroom, Nathan has one last idea. He grabs Ellie to kiss her. Spinelli leaps into action, ordering Nathan to let Ellie go! Ellie turns to Spinelli. Why does he care so much? She has moved on! Nathan offers his arm to escort Ellie home when Maxie stops them. She blurts that she still cares about Nathan—and that she and Spinelli should be friends and co-parents. Spinelli also confesses that he loves Ellie. Thrilled Ellie asks Spinelli to take her home, so he scoops her up and carries her out. Alone Maxie turns to Nathan. They fall into each other’s arms and end up in a slow dance.

Anna is packing for her trip with Duke when Sloane knocks on the door. He shares his conversation with Jake and reveals his belief that Duke ordered a hit on Jordan. Anna refuses to believe it and tries to kick Sloane out of her suite. Sloane stops her. He pleads with her to stay because well, he would miss her. Before Anna can answer, she gets a frantic call from Jordan.

Meanwhile Duke is about to leave when Carlos approaches. Carlos makes it very clear that he intends to kill Duke. They wrestle for the gun and it goes off! Later Jake enters the Metro Court garage and sees a gun lying beside a pool of blood, but no sign of Carlos or Duke. What happened to them? Jake arrives, puzzled to see the gun and the blood. As he leans over to inspect it, he hears a loud bang. Startled Jake grabs the gun to protect himself. He turns to see Nathan and Maxie heading to their car. Nathan immediately grabs his own gun and orders Jake to stand down. He cuffs Jake as Jake explains he didn’t shoot anyone. Nathan and Maxie both suspect that Jake is under some kind of mind control. Nathan arranges for Jake to be taken to the station for questioning.

Shawn finds TJ taking a walk on the docks. He warns TJ it’s a dangerous area and reveals he told Jordan that he loved her tonight. TJ is happy that they are together, but worries that they will get hurt working for the mob. Shawn assures TJ that they take every precaution…Meanwhile Bruce sneaks into Jordan’s loft and shoots the bed. Bruce pulls back the covers to see pillows! He turns to find Jordan pointing a gun at him. Bruce tries to explain, but Jordan quickly disposes of him. Later Anna and Sloane arrive. Anna realizes Sloane is right and runs off to meet Duke. Sloane tries to follow, but she loses him. Jordan tries to convince Sloane to give Anna a moment to do the right thing.

Michael walks Sabrina to her door where he kisses her good night. Sabrina invites him inside to talk about balancing their personal and work relationship. They agree that if things get too complicated, they will talk to each other, but for now they will date and Sabrina will continue to work as Avery’s nanny. After Michael leaves, Sabrina hears a knock on the door. She opens it to …Carlos!

Anna rushes to the docks, yelling Duke’s name. He appears behind her looking pale as a ghost. When Anna sees he has been shot, Duke collapses into her arms.

What do you think GH fans? Will Duke survive his gunshot wound? Will Jake take the fall for the shooting? Are you happy to see Spinelli and Ellie and Maxie and Nathan back together? Will Elizabeth be able to keep Jake’s true identity from him?

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