General Hospital Recap for 5/26/15 – 5/29/15

By on May 30, 2015
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This week on General Hospital…Franco tries to help Nina; Kiki hopes her mom has returned; and Shawn says farewell to Port Charles.

'general hospital recaps'

Dr. Obrecht, who is apparently in a great mood, dances into her office, only to find Franco’s “Egg Salad” painting gone! She calls security, but Franco arrives to tell her that he took it. He gave it to Nina as a mea culpa. Dr. O scornfully reminds Franco that her niece would not appreciate fine art, but Franco says he was desperate. He says that Nina got married to Ric to hurt him. Dr. O adds that maybe Ric married Nina to get her money.

Meanwhile Nina stares at the “Egg Salad” painting as Ric greets her good morning. When Nina asks him why he married her, Ric explains he thought they had an understanding. They have both been through heartache and betrayal! And now he wants to get to know her. Nina is mollified somewhat. Sonny arrives to discuss Shawn’s upcoming arraignment, and is shocked to learn that Ric married Nina. He warns Ric to keep his personal life separate from business—and he needs to free Shawn!

At the city jail Shawn is stunned when Jordan announces that TJ is really his son! She explains she had lied all those years ago to keep her marriage intact. Furious Shawn asks if Jordan is lying now, but Jordan explains that she only told him to convince him to take the plea deal. He needs to be around for TJ! Shawn shakes his head. He’s not a snitch. He can’t testify against Sonny.

Upstairs in the courthouse Sloane asks Scotty for an arrest warrant for Carlos, which Scotty is happy to give. Scotty also tells TJ how great Jordan is, and how hard undercover work was for her. TJ remains sullen, so Molly graciously thanks Scotty and urges TJ to focus on how much Shawn and Jordan love him. She assures TJ that her dad will be able to clear the charges against Shawn.

Carly is relieved to see Jake is okay. Tears well up in her eyes as she admits that he is her new best friend. Jake nods and smiles. She is his, too! He tells her that he is trying to get out of this undercover business when Sloane arrives. Sloane announces that Jake is off the hook. He has an arrest warrant for Carlos!

At the Jerome penthouse Julian announces to his family that he intends to quit the mob business. There is a knock at the door and look who saunters in: Ava in a cheap black wig, smacking gum, and a terrible Brooklyn accent. Everyone immediately tells Ava to drop the act, but the woman insists that she is Denise, a hairstylist who saw Ava’s photo in the paper and came to investigate why they look alike. Sloane arrives looking for Carlos, but once he sees Denise, he proclaims, “Ava Jerome, you are under arrest!” Denise protests, but allows Sloane to take her to the station; Kiki and Morgan follow to help her. Sloane turns to Julian to tell him that he is charging Carlos with Duke’s death. Julian swears Carlos acted alone (yeah, right!) Sloane also advises Julian to fire Jake, so that Sonny won’t be after him, and Julian agrees.

At the PCPD Dante processes Denise. He tries to fingerprint her, but she says all the chemicals from dying hair and whatnot burned her fingerprints off. She will agree to a DNA test though, even if she has to spend the night in jail. (It will take Alexis that long to get the warrant for the DNA test.) Meanwhile Valerie arrives to apply for an administrative assistant job. Dante is supportive, but Lulu not so much.

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