George Clooney Cops to Crack in Perfect Union with Amal

By on May 8, 2015

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Just when we thought George Clooney and wife Amal Alamuddin couldn’t get any more perfect, he acknowledges there’s a crack. Is Amal Alamuddin a football widow? Apparently his love of all things sports is a source of minor irritation with Clooney admitting that his brainy but gorgeous wife wanted to know, “So every weekend we’re going to be watching a sporting event?” The former ER heartthrob laughed it off telling her, “Actually, that’s how it works,” according to an interview with Extra’s Mario Lopez.

Don’t get too excited though ladies. It doesn’t look like George will be back on the market any time soon. He managed to pull his wife away from saving the world and teaching classes just long enough to get her into watching March Madness however he shares her love of fashion gushing about how much fun the Met Gala saying, “I really enjoyed myself.” Gwyneth Paltrow said it sucked, but George and Amal love it. Then again they’re fashion hounds.

The great thing about Amal Alamuddin is her ability to balancing her career as a hot shot international lawyer working towards human rights and social justice, her other career as a professor at a prestigious university, and always knowing exactly the right thing to wear while looking totally smoking wearing it. Clooney gushed a little more to ET on the red carpet calling his wife’s style “eccentric,” but, “fun,” talking about how she wows adding, “It’s crazy, she has such great taste.”

Amal, according to George, is the whole package. She’s smart, beautiful, “an amazing human being,” and, “she’s got a great sense of humor.” So she doesn’t share his enthusiasm for sports. Something tells me that Amal is not the traditional football widow ordering pizza, wings, and beer then going out to the mall with her best girlfriends. She will leave her adoring husband to watch his game while she goes off to fight for social justice and maybe take a peek in the fashion mags.

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