Grey’s Anatomy Recap 5/14/15- Season 11 Finale- You’re My Home

By on May 14, 2015
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“Grey’s Anatomy” is celebrating its eleventh season finale and I am pretty sure that fans are still reeling from the death of McDreamy. You can keep up with season eleven of “Grey’s Anatomy” right here.


Tough season as there was no Sandra Oh. And now, they took away our McDreamy. We have McNothing! The staff still is in emotional recovery since Derek’s death and Amelia has to try to find peace with Meredith. She wishes she had been consulted or called when her brother was in the hospital but that did not happen and I can understand why she would be so upset. She almost went back to her druggie ways after she lost him so it hit her really hard. She just has to realize that Meredith made the best decision that she could under the circumstances. Jo wants to enlist and wants Alex to come with her but he is not up for that. Why can’t anyone just be happy with what they do have on this show?

Callie is happy that she got the prosthetic leg that she and Derek had worked on to work on a human while a horrible accident backed up the entire hospital. Owen had to make quick choices, some not the best and April had to be be strong for a family. A man was erected from his car and safely brought to the hospital but is he going to make it? That is the real question. And Meredith was told to do some work by Webber simply because he felt bad for her and thought she needed a distraction. His wedding day to Katherine was supposed to happen the day of the car wreck so we shall see if and when they actually go through with it.

Tonight, the doctors are busy dealing with the aftermath of a disaster, which bonds them as it reminds them about what to prioritize in life.

Keep reading to see how they leave us hanging.

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