Hilary Duff Releases Video for Sparks – Released 5/28/15

By on May 28, 2015

Just a couple of weeks after Hilary Duff introduced the world to her newest visual, well more like Tinder advertisement, ┬áthat you would find while waiting for a Hilary Duff music video to load on Youtube, she has finally listened to her fans and released what she is calling the “fan demanded” visual for Sparks, minus the Tinder ad!

This is something that we’ve been waiting for since her video for “All About You” and since the single was released. When she first released the original video for Sparks, her fans and critics felt it catered way too much to making it known that Tinder is an active part of her life rather than focusing on the music and providing a visual to accompany it. The original video had bits and pieces of Duff’s colorful fan version, while also showed her setting up her Tinder profile, talking about the app, setting her profile pic and even having a date with someone she had met on the site. While it was cute and fun, it wasn’t what the fans wanted, not even close. The video felt more like Tinder’s desperate attempt at drawing more people to the app rather than Duff showing what she wanted to for the song.

The newly released version gives the fans and everyone rooting for Hilary, the visual that we not only have been craving for, but quite frankly deserve. Duff is on point with the choreography even treating us some low hip drops and sexy arm and hairography. While this version shows no true concept, besides Duff looking absolutely amazing and strutting her stuff while mouthing the words to the catchy pop tune, we do get to see a fun, playful side to Duff that hasn’t been shown since she took a break. Even upon her return, her sound was heading in a soulful, Ed Sheeran direction with Chasing The Sun and All About You but with Sparks, we see that Hilary knows her place in the pop world and the video sure helps solidify that. The outfits are amazing, the sets look great because they are simple yet fun and the camera shots enrich the background effects.

Duff is bringing it with her choreography and showing the world that she is back for blood with this return. The moves are sharp, the hair flips are on point but most of all she looks like she had a blast. Her new album is set to release on June 16th and it titled Breathe In, Breathe Out. Duff has quoted the album saying she is very happy with the outcome of it and has polished it up to fit the pop sound she is known for. Her bubblegum sound make anyone feel good and this album is going to be HaveUHeard approved for a HOT SUMMER RELEASE!

You can also catch Hilary in TV’s hottest show this season Younger every Tuesday on TV Land at 10 pm.

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