Hillary Clinton: Clothing Designer?

By on May 26, 2015


Hillary Rodham Clinton is running for President of the United States or rather, she is hopeful that the Democrats will pick her for the ticket. She has tried to relax her image some and not be so “cold” but rather “cool.” Gone are the days of the pantsuits and she now opts for more comfortable and loose attire. I saw her in April and she was in a loose fitting jacket/shirt, no collar with ankle length black pants and flats. Fans have been gearing up for the latest in supportive Hillary 2016 wear but it seems that she has turned the tables and is making fun of herself, which I love. The Hillary Clinton Store has launched the pantsuit T-shirt, oddly in Republican red. For just thirty dollars, you can own your own, with the slogan “Pantsuit Up” on the back.


This is Clinton coming down to Earth and showing that she is not the stiff person people believe her to be. Granted, one shirt cannot change all of that but it is certainly a brilliant marketing technique. At the online store, you can also find a Stitch by Stitch pillow that says “A Woman’s Place Is In the White House” followed by the Hillary “H” emblem. There are also pins, cups, onesies for babies (start them young) and more. So, what has her Republican opponent Rand Paul done in the merchandise department? Polo shirts, a four pack for forty-four dollars. Rand considers the shirts “the perfect wardrobe for the well-dressed politico.”

On top of that, he is also selling anti-Hillary merchandise such as a “hard-drive” for about one hundred dollars. I must say, when it comes to fashion, they are both taking unique approaches to getting fans involved. To get four polo shirts in one pack for eleven dollars a piece is actually a steal while thirty dollars for a quirky pantsuit shirt is not too shabby at all. At this point, both are on par with fashion, clearly but I have to give Hillary the win for having a fun selection and not really doing much mud-slinging as of now. If they do end up going head-to-head in 2016, I am very anxious to see if Hillary’s people pull out any anti-Republican merchandise.

So, do you think you’ll be investing in any of these pretty awesome options or are you opting out of the political game for now? Let us know! And let us know what you think of the Hillary T-shirt! I just wish it came in more colors as red does not look so great on me!

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