Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap 5/18/15- About Bruce (Part 2)

By on May 18, 2015
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“Keeping Up With the Kardashians” had a very special and emotional episode last night as patriarch Bruce Jenner revealed to his Kardashian family that he would be transitioning into a woman. You can catch up with part one of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” About Bruce here.

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When Bruce Jenner spoke with Diane Sawyer last month, it seemed like it was the first time everyone was truly learning that he wanted to be a woman. Turns out, E! had filmed a special back in January where he gathered his Kardashian stepchildren and two youngest daughters to explain to them the secret he had been hiding for decades. Since he was a little boy, he always felt that he had a female soul and would wear dresses. Instead of acting on a transition in the early days, he became a super Olympian and athlete, marrying two women and having four kids. He then started taking hormones to become a woman and met Kris Kardashian. They fell in love and wed five months later and were super passionate, according to Kris. As kids, youngest children Kendall and Kylie found make-up around their father and believed he was having an affair.

Kim had also seen her stepfather wearing a dress one evening and immediately ran to sister Kourtney’s house. They kept this secret for twelve years and eventually Kendall, 19 saw her dad late night in female clothes but pretended that she did not. The family learned that he wanted to start living as a woman but did not know it would be happening so fast. They were told in January 2015 and he had already been in the process of changing over. Khloe, though having a hard time accepting the situation, brought him over some super diesel heels for his “her” side as he wishes to be referred to as him or he until transition is complete. Tonight, we will learn more about Bruce’s situation and how he has stolen clothes from stepdaughter Kim Kardashian West.

Keep reading to see what he reveals.

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