Kelly Rutherford’s International Custody Battle Gets Uglier Over Passports

By on May 22, 2015

Cross Rhodes

Kelly Rutherford’s international custody battle is getting uglier now with her ex, Daniel Giersch refusing her visitation unless she hands over their kids’ passports to a third party. Citing, Rutherford’s media campaign, Giersch’s attorney, Fahi Takesh Hallin released a statement saying, “Daniel’s goal is to continue to protect these children and shield them from any media exposure, which is against court order. We are taking Kelly’s statements to the media very seriously.”

Rutherford has been very public in her desire to get back custody of her kids in a battle that has gone on since before the birth of their second child. Giersch claimed, at the time, that he was unaware that Rutherford had given birth and that he had to learn it through media reports. Despite a reported truce, Giersch’s visa was revoked and he was not allowed to live in the United States, setting up the nasty international custody war.

While they share custody, Giersch has physical custody in France. He has accused Rutherford of being behind reports to the State Department that caused his visa to be revoked. She has denied those charges.

Giersch is concerned of recent statements Rutherford made in the media stating that anyone who brings the parties’ children back to the United States would be considered an American hero. Giersch, through his attorney, called that, “false as this wold be an illegal and criminal act, but it creates a very real and present risk for the children’s safety.”

Rutherford recently obtained 100,000 signatures on a petition to President Obama asking for his intervention. The petition was supported by notable celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Melanie Griffith. Rutherford expressed hope to People saying, “I am optimistic that the Obama administration will step in and rescue my children now.”

Quotes like that are behind Giersch’s desire to protect his relationship with his kids. Rutherford has lost previous battles with the federal court saying, “The children have not been deported,” adding that they, “retain their United States citizenship, and once they reach the age of majority, they will be free to choose where they reside.”

Rutherford vows to continue the fight. Giersch, for his part, states through his lawyer that he is not asking for his children’s passports to be handed over to him, but rather to a neutral third party for his own peace of mind that his kids will not be snuck back to the US.

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