Was Kim Richards Under the Influence at Daughter Brooke’s Wedding?

By on May 26, 2015

'kim richards drunk at daughter's wedding'

Kim Richards left rehab to go to daughter Brooke’s storybook wedding and TMZ is reporting that she had an epic meltdown while under the influence. Reports have Brooke never speaking to her again and Kim’s sober coach dumping her.

The Beverly Hills Housewife had a tumultuous season with questions about her sobriety after what she admitted was a slip at a poker night held at fellow housewife Eileen Davidson’s house. After behaving in a bizarre fashion in the car ride over with Lisa Rinna, Richards continued to seem off to the rest of the ladies leading to a confrontation that led to accusations all season.

Richards defended herself at the finale saying she’s been under stress while caring for ex-husband Monty and planning Brooke’s wedding. Shortly after the finale aired, she was arrested at the famous Polo Lounge after locking herself in the bathroom and then kicking a police officer.

She appeared on Dr. Phil with her family after that where she admitted to falling off the wagon though she sparred with Dr. Phil over exactly how much she drank and how often. She also refused his offer to foot the bill for rehab citing her daughter’s wedding as an excuse. Dr. Phil refused to allow her to control the rehab offer and she stormed off the set.

Eventually she checked herself into a facility where she was visited by fellow housewife Brandi Glanville who spoke highly of the facility saying, “Anyone could use 30 days here,” comparing it to a Four Seasons.

Richards fought sobriety rumors for several years and there is talk that her issues have become too much for Bravo and Andy Cohen.

According to reports, Richards had a meltdown and was belligerent to not just her daughter, Brooke, but she reportedly cursed out the groom’s family.  She was said to be not drinking in the open, but she was described as “a mess.” Brooke is supposedly so upset she has vowed to never speak to her mother again. Her behavior was, reportedly, so over the top her sober coach walked out on her, as well.

The facility Kim was staying at had given her a pass to attend the wedding but reports say she is still in Cabo and has not made it back to the facility. The reports are  a stark contrast to some of the happier pictures and stories that had been published over the weekend depicting a happy occasion with even sister Kyle Richards there. Bravo has not returned requests for comment.

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