Kim Richards Missing Since Daughter’s Wedding-What Happened to Rehab

By on May 29, 2015


Kim Richards has not been seen since her daughter Brooke’s wedding in Cabo last weekend. Despite initial stories of a storybook wedding, reports later surfaced that all was not well and that Kim turned into a motherzilla of the bride. While she was not seen drinking at the wedding, many have described her as being belligerent, even cursing out the groom’s family. Others called her “a mess.”

Kim substance abuse issues go a few years back and were a major part of this season’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She took ex-husband Monty Brinson in to care for him after he was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. Unsure of how long he had left, they planned a small intimate wedding so he could walk Brooke down the aisle. The stress of caring for Monty, coupled with planning a second larger bash took a toll on Kim.

Kim’s troubles didn’t end there. Some unconfirmed reports claim son Chad was also having issues requiring hospitalization in a psychiatric facility. Viewers of the Housewives franchise were not privy to most of what Kim was dealing with and only saw her bizarre behavior at a poker night hosted by fellow Housewife Eileen Davidson. After unnerving Lisa Rinna on the drive over, Kim’s behavior set off alarms for the rest of the cast, driving much of the storyline for the rest of the season building up to a dramatic confrontation on the finale.

After the finale aired, Kim was arrested for public drunkenness and kicking a police officer at the famous Polo Lounge. She was once again described as belligerent, an adjective that seems to describe her when she’s under the influence. After refusing help from Dr. Phil and storming off set believing it was an intervention, Kim eventually checked herself into rehab, one described by fellow Housewife Brandi Glanville as comparable to a Four Seasons.

The rehab gave Kim a pass to attend her daughter’s wedding, and she traveled with a sober coach though it didn’t appear to be enough to help her through her daughter’s special day. While she was not seen drinking alcohol or taking drugs, she was reportedly acting out enough that her sober coach took off and her daughter Brooke cut her off.

What should have been a happy day for Kim resulted in more turmoil and now everyone is wondering where in the world Kim has gone. She has reportedly not returned to the rehab facility and none of her friends and family know where she is. Some reports have her still in Mexico, though nobody seems to know for sure.

There has been talk that Kim’s behavior has become too much for Andy Cohen and the rest of the cast. Rumors have circulated for quite awhile that Kim was due to be fired. Bravo has not returned calls for comment on Kim’s status as a Housewife or her whereabouts.

What do you think – where could Kim be? Are you concerned for her?

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  1. KatCall

    May 29, 2015 at 2:38 pm

    Balderdash. If she’s not been seen by anyone since the wedding, the family hasn’t been in contact with her and nobody’s spoken with her, hasn’t the family notified the police? There’s something truly fishy about all the Kim Richard’s stories since the wedding, most of which do not make sense. Somebody’s covering up something.

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