Lindsay Lohan Faces Arrest Over Community Service

By on May 7, 2015
'lindsay lohan'

'lindsay lohan'

Mean Girls star Lindsay Lohan posted a photo on Instagram and captioned it “Community Service-office day” but it seems as if she should have been doing less Instagraming and more volunteering. Lohan has been working on her community service for a 2012 reckless driving conviction. Her long history of trouble with the law may be coming to an end. Santa Monica City Attorney Terry White has said they will “probably ask that her probation be revoked,” adding, “It doesn’t appear she’s taking it very seriously.”

Hours she had turned in where challenged by White who was not satisfied with her progress. Lohan reportedly credited herself for 10 hours on a day she had gone to an emergency room for treatment of a mosquito borne virus. White told the judge then, “I’m having trouble not only with the quality of the work but whether or not the work was actually done.” He also questioned her being credited for having fans “shadow” her at performances of a play in London.

Lohan has reportedly completely less than 20 hours of the additional 125 hours she agreed to complete. She would have to be scheduled for full-time shifts to satisfy the court before May 28. Lohan has worn out White’s patience and it looks like the recommendation will be for the judge to revoke probation and order jail.

Lohan has spent mere hours in jail before being sentenced to 35 days of house arrest in her post Venice Beach apartment. With the overcrowding situation in California, jail has become a celebrity revolving door. Is there any incentive for Lohan to finish her community service hours if the alternative is 2 hours in lock-up before being released. Whether she has done the hours, fudged them, or flat out lied about them, Lohan has yet to satisfy the court’s requirement of community service.

With White saying, “she’s fallen woefully short,” for what he described as her “last chance of all last chances,” it will be interesting to see if Lohan’s celebrity lawyer, Shawn Holley will be able to pull out some last minute magic and spare her client the inhumanity of another five hours behind bars or even additional community service hours.

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