Lindsay Lohan Is Free – Off Probation

By on May 27, 2015
Lindsay Lohan

It looks like Lindsay Lohan is finally going to be free! Okay, so she’s technically been free [from jail] for a while now – but beginning tomorrow she’ll be off probation for the first time in seven years.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay, who has spent much of the last year living in London, came close to getting sent back to jail when the deadline for her court mandated community service came and went – twice – without her clocking the required hours. A few weeks ago Lindsay’s lawyer, Shawn Holley, asked a New York City judge if he would extend the deadline once more, so that Lindsay could come back to the United States and get to work.

Apparently, while she had been living in London the facility she worked with moved and it was suddenly very difficult for Lindsay to log the hours. The judge okay’ed the request, and Lindsay hopped on a flight back to NYC, where she has been diligently working 8 hour days, every day without a break for the last few weeks, to complete her remaining 125 hours.

Everything isn’t completely official though – there’s still one more court date set for tomorrow to provide the documentation that the required hours were complete before Lindsay’s probation is officially lifted.

Could this be the end of Lindsay Lohan’s seemingly endless legal troubles? We certainly hope so! The reviews she received while performing in a play in London’s West End were pretty great, and now without the legal troubles hanging over her head, perhaps Lindsay will be able to give us the comeback we’ve all been waiting for!

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