Married at First Sight Recap 5/12/15 – ‘Conflict’

By on May 12, 2015
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Married at First Sight returns with a new episode, Conflict. It looks like the experts are stepping in and not a moment too soon. With the fighting that has been going on with the couples, it seems like the experts should have weighed in a lot sooner.

The fighting is non-stop between Jessica and Ryan. So bad that Jessica has reached out to one of the therapists. The couple has major communication issues with Jessica barely able to communicate with Ryan and Ryan overly communicating with Jessica. The therapist tells them to acknowledge great things about each other 3-4 times per day. Jessica is listening but thinks her husband does not really care and is still not paying any attention. She decides to apologize to him with the hope they can move past their differences. When she asks Ryan what makes him so angry, he tells her that she should know and she should take responsibility for her actions. She reminds him that she does not know him and cannot be a mind reader. He admits that he does not listen to her and is not happy. The money from the wedding comes up again and the fact that Ryan took it after they both agreed to do something special together. Jessica believes he took it because he was broke, but he is denying it. And we have to ask – does it matter why he took it? He took it.

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Ryan and Jaclyn are also having issues.  Ryan is homesick for his niece and mother and living so far away from them is really upsetting to him. This is starting to cause a strain in his marriage. Jaclyn thinks that he is holding back because he thinks that it will all end when the project ends. Jaclyn tells him that the break that they will take is good and will give them a chance to decide where they are headed next.

Davina and Sean are also having difficulties with their relationship. He wants to make it work but the fact that he works in New Jersey doesn’t make it easy. They are both hard workers and that is important but can cause a clash. He is all about making sure that they can be together and have a great relationship. The couple are building a great foundation that Dr. Logan is so proud of but based on this week’s preview, the strain in their marriage may be too much for Davina. Will she throw in the towel and call it quits or will she decide to work it out.

Based on what is going on right now – it looks like Jessica and Ryan may not make it. Jaclyn and Ryan are a good fit – if they can get past their homesickness and Davina and Sean are a maybe.

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