The Mindy Project Picked Up Hulu – Is Forever Next?

By on May 16, 2015
'the mindy project pieced up by hulu'

Hulu has ordered 26 episodes of the comedy series, The Mindy Show, following the cancellation of the series by Fox. Hulu has stepped in to save the day.


'the mindy project pieced up by hulu'


So far, The Mindy Show is the only canceled show this season to get picked up by another streaming service or network. There are a few other shows still being shopped around such as, NBC’s Constantine and Fox’s, The Following. This season has seen more than 30 programs shut down with the ABC hour long television series Forever being one of them. Some of the canceled shows include American Idol (in 2016), Glee, Resurrection, Revenge, The Taste, The Mentalist, and many more!

We have the complete list of Television shows canceled and renewed for 2015/2016 here.

The short run television series Forever’s demise is a shock and let down to the fans. We have received 100’s of emails asking how Forever can be saved and comments on the website questioning ABC and why they always take the good shows off the air?  Some of the comments have included:

“Forever” was one of the few network shows I thought was intelligent and engaging. They just gave me another reason to just watch cable channels. If there is any formal petition or drive to resurrect the show let me know.”

“Geeze I just found out that u canceled one of the most creative / imaginative shows that you have on. I look sooo forward to FOREVER.
There is sooo much garbage on tv and it is refreshing to see a show such as this. An investigative show ( like Quincy ) with a historical twists which is sooooo needed today, with a hint of syfy. Every other show has SEX/ with all that can be exploited to appeal to the fringe of society. Keep this show on Please……… reconsider your decision.”

Viewers loved Forever because it was something different and refreshing. One of our readers said it best when they said, ‘every other show has sex.’ Forever was a show that had it all for the viewers – less the sex. It was creative, interesting, a bit of sci-fi and different.

ABC has been upsetting viewers quite a bit this season. First killing off Patrick Dempsey from Grey’s Anatomy and now canceling Forever. What next? At least they didn’t kill off any major characters on Scandal – or did they?

Hulu is not the first streaming company to pick up a television series, as Yahoo did the same thing with Community last year. Maybe Yahoo will step in to save Forever?  With all the outrage, one of the streaming companies or another network should really consider picking up Forever. It’s time to start a petition and get those 100,000 signatures people.

We will keep you posted if anyone picks up the series.


  1. Margarita

    September 26, 2015 at 3:47 am

    There is a petition with 100k+ signatures already!!! #SaveForever!

  2. Ruth McGlory

    May 21, 2015 at 11:42 pm

    Revenge is my favorite show, will Hulu or any other company pick it up where it ended???? All the good show are being cancelled ex: Revenge, Forever etc.

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