Netflix June 2015 Line-Up!

By on May 21, 2015
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Netflix is ready to change up their line-up as the month changes. We had to say good-bye at the end of April to some of our favorites to make room for May’s Netflix schedule. Now, it looks like we may have to rearrange our schedules once again and prepare for some major binge-watching. Here is the complete list of the shows that are going throughout next month:

  • June 1
    Drugs, Inc.
    Ever After
    G.I. Jane
    Ink Master
    Rain Man
    Silence of the Lambs
  • June 20
    Collateral Damage
    Practical Magic
    Texas Chainsaw
  • June 30
    Jack Reacher
    Steel Magnolias
    Taxi Driver

And here is the list of the shows that are coming to Netflix and we could not be more excited for the switch!

  • June 1
    The Aviator
    La Dictadura Perfecta
  • June 3
    The Best of Me
    Hector and the Search for Happiness
  •  June 5
  •  June 8
    Grace of Monaco
  •  June 9
    It’s Tough Being Loved by Jerks
  • June 10
    Pretty Little Liars, season 5
    Rose Water
  • June 11
    Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., season 2
  •  June 12
    Orange is the New Black, season 3
    The Cobbler
  •  June 13
    Scandal, season 4
  • June 15
    Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer
    Rodney Carrington: Laughter’s Good
    Danger Mouse, 
    seasons 1-10
    Bindi’s Bootcamp, season 1
  •  June 16
    Lee Daniels’ The Butler
  • June 17
    Point and Shoot
  • June 19
    Some Assembly Required
  • June 20
  • June 23
  •  June 24
    Beyond the Lights
  • June 26
    Dreamworks Dragons: Race to the Edge
    What Happened, Miss Simone?

Now, I think the one on the list that has gotten people the most excited is the season three premiere of “Orange Is the New Black.” For me, I am excited for season five of “Pretty Little Liars,” however the timing is a tad off as the show comes back June 2nd for the summer premiere. “Scandal” will also be heavily binge-watched when season four comes to Netflix as will season two of “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” This time around, it does not seem like fans are giving up all that much to get some great things in return like “The Butler” from the creators of the hit FOX show “Empire.”

Again, the biggest draw right now is the OITNB season three premiere as fans can watch it all day the moment that it premieres. But, Netflix will have some competition as Hulu has acquired the rights to all nine seasons of “Seinfeld,” also set to start in June. “Seinfeld” is to Hulu what “FRIENDS” is to Netflix so there will be a lot to watch. What are you looking most forward to seeing? Let us know! Just remember: the first set of shows will be gone on June 1st so if anything looks appealing, jump on that right now!! Enjoy your June Netflix schedule!

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