Oscar Winning Actress Tatum O’Neal Is Now Dating Women!

By on May 27, 2015

Tatum's Best Selling Autobiography

Tatum’s Best Selling Autobiography

Winning an Oscar can be the pinnacle of an actor’s career; it could also lead to their demise. Tatum O’Neal won an Academy Award when she was nine years old for her role in “Paper Moon.” That made her the youngest person ever to win the prestigious award. It was her battles with drug addiction that kept the daughter of Ryan O’Neal and step-daughter of the late Farrah Fawcett in the headlines. The mother of three, with tennis professional John McEnroe, is now 51 and still in the business. For her part in continuing on a positive track, Tatum revealed that she had started having relationships with other women, something fans may or may not have seen coming.

One of her more recent appearances was on “Sex and the City” where she played Carrie’s (Sarah Jessica Parker) friend in season six who refused to pay her back for a pair of stolen Manolos. Instead of getting mad, Carrie registered for the shoes she lost and said that she was marrying herself. She was also on the Denis Leary show “Rescue Me” and the reality show “The O’Neals” with her father. While Ryan is off dealing with son Redmond, whom he had with the late Fawcett, and all his legal troubles, Tatum says that she is sober and happy as she told People Magazine: “I like women. I definitely have been dating mostly women recently. I think women are the most amazing creatures on earth…They’re gentle, and also more intelligent than the men that I’ve met recently.”

Though she will not label herself, she is open to any gender and that is perfectly fine for her: “I’m the most content I’ve ever been.” She also adds that she is “the proudest mother in the history of the world.” Her eldest son Kevin is making mama proud as he has written a book about his grandma and Tatum’s mother Joanna Moore, who also battled with addiction. In “Our Town,” Kevin has explained that this has helped him understand addiction, something he too holds close to his heart as he is a recovering addict. The mother and son are now on the same page as they have a mutual understanding of how addiction can hinder one’s ability to be productive.

I think that this story has a great new chapter in it as Tatum O’Neal has made her children a priority and is becoming more confident as to who she is. Do you think that positivity and sobriety will last or will she succumb once again to the pressures? Let us know as we want to have to the utmost faith in her and her family.

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