Party Down South 2 Recap 5/14/15- Motorboats and Mustard

By on May 14, 2015
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“Party Down South 2” is back for another run and it truly is like the “Jersey Shore” of the South. Alcohol, hook-ups, fighting except it all happens with really cool accents. You can get an idea of the show from a recap of the original “Party Down South” here. 


St. Petersburg, Florida is not going to know what hit them when this crazy cast of characters joins them. Here is who is slated to live in the home and participate in season two of the spon-off:

  • Kelsie Davenport, 21
  • Michael Duke, 22
  • Bradley Mitchell, 26
  • Ashton Mosley, 25
  • Hunter Robinson, 23
  • Raven “Barbi” Stein, 23
  • Tommy Theiss, 22
  • Karynda Worcester

Yes, the list is a little different than the first season. Kelsie Davenport will be replacing Magan Ladner as she had a baby so she is off doing the mother thing. It is said that this season will be the lead-in for season four of “Party Down South” so we shall see. Let’s do some crossover action! The season starts out when the cast reunites for an unforgettable Spring Break in Florida. Sadly but understandably, no one wants to share a room with warring couple Bradley and Raven aka Raven aka Sammi and Ronnie. At the same time that this is going down, while Hunter and Duke get in a heated competition over new roommate Kelsie. I’m excited to see what the fuss about her is and how the other girl take to it.

What to expect: sun, drinking, partying, sex, fun, insanity and everything that is CMT’s “Party Down South” franchise. It will air weekly on Thursday nights at 9p.m. so do not forget to tune in tonight as we will be watching along with you. Anyone think that Raven is going to have an issue if Bradley even dares to look at another girl let alone newbie Kelsie? Does Kelsie even know what she is in for?

Keep reading to see what happens down in Florida!

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