Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Premiere Promo Released!

By on May 1, 2015


This just in! ABC Family has finally released the summer premiere promo for Pretty Little Liars season 6 and it is to DIE for. The promo takes a turn for the darker side and shows our six precious little liars fighting for their lives against the one and only, A, also known as Charles. The promo opens with Mona singing “Hush Little Baby” and trapped in a dark, dirty well. Her Alison outfit is dirty, and it looks as if she had put a up fight to get there, or get out. The screen flashes to the girls from the finale scene, in their prom dresses shielding themselves from the rain, it seems that Charles was not happy with their escape effort so instead of letting them back into the doll house to avoid the rain, he made them suffer and deal with it. Once inside, the girls are eventually let back in and we see Charles behind them in the hoodie. Mona seems to be a bit behind the girls and closer to A, possibly hinting at this being the moment that Mona gets separated from the rest of the group. The next scene shows what seems to be Spencer with a blanket wrapped around her, possibly from her switching from her prom clothes. From behind, the camera follows her but before we see her turn around, we hear her voice saying “No, no no”. Next we see Aria opening a closet and inside the words “He’s Going To Kill Me – M” are scribbled onto the wall. A message from Mona? Is Mona M? The next scenes shoot by fast, not wanting to give away too much but we do see Aria sporting a shorter cut with pink hair and the girls in regular clothes as well as Charles watching Alison but Alison has her yellow top outfit on, begs the question, when and where is he watching her and is she next?

Pretty Little Liars returns with their summer season 6 premiere on Tuesday June 2nd at 8 pm EST. Don’t miss it and stick around for weekly recaps starting June 2nd!

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