Pretty Little Liars Summer Premiere Countdown – Who Is Charles? – Premieres 6/2/15

By on May 26, 2015

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We are officially only a week away until the shocking season 6 premiere of Pretty Little Liars and now we have to ask the burning question, WHO IS CHARLES?! We know that show creator and executive producer Marlene King has said that technically we know who A is, and A is Charles, but this leaves us asking, who is Charles and is he someone we know already or someone’s twin or a new character that will tie into the shows 6th season which premieres on June 2nd.

It’s been a couple of months since we last saw our PLL’s fighting their way out of Charles’ dollhouse and now we have been told that Charles is going to be very angry with the liars and their little escape plan that has gone awry due to the fact that the dollhouse is trapped with high electrical fencing, trapping them in for what seems to be good. When the season returns, we are all being treated to whats being dubbed the #SummerOfAnswers that will tie in every question we have been dying to know before the mid season mark. Once the first half of the season up, our little liars will be all grown, making a significant time jump from their graduation and leading into their adult lives.

Not much has been spilled about the upcoming summer season 6A but we do know some things like Charles will celebrate a birthday, Alison will come home from prison, the girls will be trapped outside of the dollhouse during a major rain storm and finally let back in only to have the games continue. We are not big on spoilers so you won’t find any hear but from numerous sources like the cast, the producers and on set hints, this season is looking to shape up as the most explosive and revealing season yet. While we don’t know exactly who Charlies is, we are definitely leaning towards Mr. Andrew Campbell, who is a suspect in the whole thing, thanks to a clip that’s been released by ABC Family already. This clip shows Alison outside her home speaking to the media outlets in which she states that she hopes the girls are found safe and they are her “rocks”.

Alison has definitely had her fair share of lies but we can only feel bad for her in this time and honestly believe that she has changed, let’s hope she doesn’t let us down. The summer season is really going to bring the series to an end with the whole “Charles” storyline and the villain will finally be unmasked but with a 7th season on board, we can only hope that the games will keep going but ultimately that our precious PLL’s have a happy ending.

Stay with us every week starting June 2nd for our Pretty Little Recaps. Pretty Little Liars premieres on June 2nd and airs every Tuesday at 8 pm on ABC Family.

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