“Revenge” Will See At Least TWO Deaths In the Series Finale!

By on May 8, 2015
'revenge recap 2014'

'revenge recap 2014'

“Revenge” is coming to an end this Sunday, May 10th after four seasons and everyone is wondering how it is going to go down. We know that Victoria is not really dead after she allegedly blew herself up in Grayson Manor and that David is suffering from lymphoma and it does not look like he will survive. We have already lost Daniel and everyone knows that Emily is Amanda Clarke so what should fans and viewers expect from the series finale? We have all the details.

Read last week’s episode of Revenge here.

First things first: there will be at minimum, two people dead and buried by 11p.m. That is a given and I have a feeling that one of them will be David due to his lymphoma. But, what about the second or third or even more people?

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This is what show runner Sunil Nayar let E! know:

“I think that everybody is in peril. And obviously fans have their very polarizing feelings about some of the people on the show; me, I love the characters of Margaux and Louise, and obviously, they skewed to the dark side, but even their journeys will end in a way where the audience will understand who they are as human beings. There’s nobody on the show who is to be simply reviled, that there are revelations in the series finale really help to shine a light on what the origin was for everybody.”

I am hopeful that Margaux will be one of the two in the finale that goes down because she has just been an nuisance and irked me since day one.

Taking it back to the beginning...

Taking it back to the beginning…


Nayar also revealed there will be a  “two-grave minimum.” Nayar seems very confident that everyone will like the way that the show ends, saying: “the audience will be promised some degrees of happiness for some people, but there’s never a version of it that isn’t also just tinged with the darkness of the journey.”

He assures us that every character that we have grown to know and love will have an ending, good or bad or even neutral.

Since the series is officially coming to an end, it is possible that the main character of the series, Emily/Amanda Clarke could be one of the characters who we will be saying good bye to.  Other series regulars who may not make it to the end are Nolan and Jack.  Nolan has been with Emily/Amanda since the beginning of the series. Her best friend and confidante. Losing him would be devastating for Emily/Amanda, as would Jack.

Any one else completely on edge waiting for the series finale of Revenge?

We will be recapping live, so be sure to come back and see how the series ends.

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