Rosie O’Donnell’s Ex Michelle Rounds a No Show at Court

By on May 6, 2015
'rosie o'donnell michelle rounds'

'rosie o'donnell michelle rounds'

Rosie O’Donnell’s ex Michelle Rounds didn’t show up on the first court date in what is bound to be a heated custody battle over daughter Dakota. O’Donnell has had a tough time of it lately. Her return as View co-host was short-lived and the source of constant behind the scenes gossip painting O’Donnell out as an impossible control freak. She announced her departure due claiming she needed time to take care of her health and her family. Then in February she filed for divorce from Rounds.

The split heated up in April when Rounds filed for full custody claiming that O’Donnell is an unfit mother. Rounds alleges that O’Donnell has a substance abuse problem and also made allegations that she allowed her oldest son, who is underage, to have a party that included alcohol.She also claims that O’Donnell is too distracted from her kids from previous wife, Kelli Carpenter. O’Donnell has said that the custody case is nothing but a money grab.

It got uglier as they were both due in court in New York City. O’Donnell was upset to see reporters there, reportedly asking for them to be removed. Instead she was escorted to a private waiting area until notified that Rounds was not showing up. Rounds notified the court that their daughter was returned by a nanny and had a 104.3 fever.

O’Donnell has also had her attorneys file a motion that could cost Rounds money. O’Donnell is hoping the judge will agree that Rounds has violated the confidentiality clause in their pre-nup. If the judge agrees, there could be financial penalties for Rounds. For her part Rounds wants the judge to order O’Donnell to submit to random drug testing.

The divorce is a far cry from when O’Donnell first brought Rounds out in public. Theirs was a love story, two women meeting in a coffee shop then nursing one another through sicknesses. Rounds was diagnosed with desmoids tumors and O’Donnell later had a heart attack. She followed that by having the gastric sleeve surgery and committing to a healthy lifestyle. Whether that healthy lifestyle includes too much pot and wine, we may soon find out if Rounds has her way. If she ever makes it to court.

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