Royal Baby Watch: Kate Middleton is in Labor With Baby #2

By on May 2, 2015
'royal baby watch_kate middleton'

Royal Baby Watch is in full effect for the Duchess of Cambridge and the birth of baby number two. There is After watching and waiting what feels like forever, The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton is in labor with baby number 2. Prince George will have a brother or sister any minute.

'royal baby watch_kate middleton'

With millions of people watching and waiting for news can breath a sigh of relief, the Duchess was admitted to St. Mary’s hospital early this morning to give birth to another heir to the throne. St. Mary’s hospital is the same place Kate gave birth to her first son, Prince George in July 2013.

The Duchess was reportedly well past her due date, with rumors that she would be induced if the baby didn’t arrive soon! The waiting is finally over as Kate was taken to St. Mary’s hospital at approximately, 6 in the morning, by car. Kensington Palace has been tweeting news of the status of Royal Baby Watch via twitter.

The following messages were posted,
“HRH The Duchess of Cambridge was admitted at 06.00hrs to St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, London and is in the early stages of labour.”

While there is no official word as to the sex of the new baby, there are rumors floating around that the baby is a girl.  When pastries and coffee were sent to the well wishers, who were waiting at the hospital on Royal Baby Watch, the ribbon was pink.

The new baby will be fourth in line to the throne, behind his or her grandfather Prince Charles , father Prince William and brother Prince George.


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