Royal Baby Watch: What’s In Princess Charlotte’s Name?

By on May 4, 2015

After waiting for two days following the birth of the newest member of the Royal Family, it is official, we have a name, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana,


The #RoyalBaby is official Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, better known as Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge. So what is in a name and why did the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge choose Charlotte for the newest addition to the family?

  • Charlotte –a traditional royal name. The name Charlotte has been the name of many Princesses and even a Queen. This name is the feminine of the name Charles, which is the name of Prince William’s father, Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales. Queen Charlotte was the wife of King George III. Is it a  coincidence that Prince William and Kate Middleton have chosen to name their children George and Charlotte after a married reigning couple?
  • Elizabeth – The current Queen of England and Princess Charlotte’s great-grandmother is named Elizabeth. The name also pays homage to the Princess’s mother – The Duchess of Cambridge and grandmother Carole Middleton, who both share the middle name Elizabeth.
  • Diana – This name is a tribute to Prince William’s  mother, Lady Diana Spencer, who died in a horrific car crash when William was a little boy. Princess Diana later became HRH The Princess of Wales. Upon her divorce from Prince Charles she became known as Diana, Princess of Wales. She was not – contrary to popular belief – ever officially Princess Diana, as she was not born a princess.

The Princess will carry her father’s territorial designation “of Cambridge” for life, until either a) he becomes Prince of Wales, at which time she will become HRH Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Wales, or b) she gets married and takes her husband’s title/territorial designation.  When her father becomes King, she will become HRH The Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, dropping all territorial designations

When her father is King, Princess Charlotte will also have the opportunity – as the eldest daughter of the King – to become HRH The Princess Royal. However, there can only be one sitting Princess Royal at a time, and the title is currently held by Princess Anne, the Queen’s only daughter.

If Charlotte should marry before her father becomes Prince of Wales or King, she will then take the title of her husband, if he has one – becoming Princess Charlotte, Duchess/Countess/Baroness of [XYZ Territory]. It should be noted that if she does marry an untitled man, the monarch at the time – be it her grandfather or father – will bestow a title upon him.

As she was born a princess, she will never lose the title Princess, even if she marries an untitled man.

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