Scandal Season 4 Finale Spoilers – Who Dies?

By on May 14, 2015
'scandal season 4 finale'
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The Season Finale of Scandal takes place tonight, Thursday, May 14, 2015 and three lives are said to be at risk. With Shonda Rhimes confirming there will be multiple deaths on the Season Finale, we have researched Scandal high and low to bring our readers what they can expect while watching the final episode of season four.

'scandal season 4 finale'

With the episode leading up to the season finale being rather calm, one can only expect the storm to take place during the actual finale. We saw Quinn and Huck torture Russell, Papa Rowan’s employee and Olivia’s boy toy, unsuccessfully with the hope of finding out the identity of Foxtail. We also saw Russell freed by another member of B613 and learn that Mellie is Foxtail when she comes face to face with Papa Rowan, in the flesh.

With the season finale here and the cast of Scandal working hard to take down B613 and eliminate Papa Rowan, we are sitting on the edge of our seats wondering who will be killed? Below you will find the cast and our thoughts on who is most likely to be at risk and who is guaranteed to be safe from death.

Olivia Pope – the star of Scandal. No risk of dying. With Scandal being renewed for its fifth season, Olivia Pope is here to stay. NOT A CHANCE OLIVIA WILL BE KILLED.

Fitz – The President of the United States and Olivia Pope’s love interest since the beginning of Scandal. He is also a key player on the hit series and his death would put the end to the love triangle between Olivia, Fitz and Jake – making for a very boring Scandal. HIGHLY UNLIKELY that Fitz is one of the people who will be killed.

Jake – Olivia’s number two boyfriend. Jake was almost murdered several weeks ago and managed to survive a stabbing. He professed his love to Olivia at the end of the show last week. Could go either way. If Jake was going to die, when he was stabbed it would have been the best time to kill him. Since he professed his love for Olivia (again), it puts him at risk of being killed. We all know Shonda loves to kill off the characters who profess their love. AT RISK

Quinn – a Gladiator. Her story is not nearly as interesting as Huck’s storyline. AT RISK

Huck – a Gladiator. He has had an interesting storyline this season. Meeting his son and trying to get his family back for good. HIGHLY UNLIKELY.

David – The States Attorney General. His character can go with little backlash. AT RISK

Abbey – The Press Secretary. Her character can go with little backlash. AT RISK.

Keep reading to see how Cyrus, Mellie and Papa Rowen will fare tonight. And check out the previews where Olivia says good bye to Fitz. Is it for good??

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