The Blacklist TV Recap 5/14/15 “Season Finale: Tom Connolly”

By on May 15, 2015
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Last week on The Blacklist, Liz and Reddy attempted to find an infamous Russian assassin before he committed an act of terrorism on behalf of The Cabal to reignite a cold war with Russia. They fail to save the CIA’s Russian division from a bombing, but Liz seemingly appears to save the senator targeted, thanks to a clue dropped by the attorney general to Harold. Unfortunately it was all a feint. The goal was to frame Liz for both the CIA bombing and the senator who winds up hospitalized because Liz was unknowingly infected with the fatal virus. She was the real target of The Cabal

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We open with Liz doing something utterly stupid. Shocking, right? Reddy explains to Liz that she’s the victim of a frame up thanks to her grandstanding play with Evil Hawkeye Pierce’s Replacement. Yes, I could just call him The Director, but this is more fun. They’ve murdered 14 people—CIA Agents no less—just to set her up, but she refuses to act like a criminal by doing the smart thing and running. Only the fact she overhears Arrogant Bastard Attorney General explain to Harold that Liz is going down no matter what convinces her to leave… but by then it’s too late and he has her taken into custody where she sounds nuts talking about the secret organization framing her.

Arrogant Bastard Attorney General has Harold removed and placed on administrative leave, which may have been his undoing because now Black Female Deputy Attorney General is suspicious and names Agent Blonde Dude as acting director of the task force because he’ll do what’s right. Clearly she knows nothing of Harold beating a confession out of a suspect, committing perjury for Liz and threatening as suspect with death, much less that Agent Blonde Dude has some guy’s head in his apartment. If she did she would have known that when Reddy arranges for her escape, Agent Blonde Dude would let her go.

Prompted by Reddy (with Harold’s assist) they realize that Liz was infected when Arrogant Bastard Attorney General insisted she go to the train station where she was knocked out. Tom calls saying he can keep Liz safe, but Reddy surprisingly doesn’t think she should run. He wanted her to fight it, only from the outside. Reddy goes to Mr. Kaplan so you know it’s gonna be a real fight. She don’t play.

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