Is TLC Bringing Back 19 and Counting?

By on May 27, 2015

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Is TLC bringing back 19 and Counting despite the recent admissions by Josh Duggar that he molested underage girls? TLC has yet to cancel the show despite pulling it from the lineup, but does that mean they are trying to figure out a way of bringing back the lucrative show without alienating viewers?

Police reports surfaced recently with redacted names though all spoke with people claiming to live with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. Those police reports along with claims that a victim had emailed Harpo Studios set off a media frenzy about breakout star, Josh Duggar.

Josh came forward and admitted in a statement that the charges were true. Despite his admission, Josh has received some very public support from presidential candidate Mike Huckabee and even sister Jessa’s father-in-law, Michael Seewald, who penned an essay stating, “I’m rooting for you.”

TLC was quick to pull Honey Boo Boo after Mama June was rumored to be dating a sex offender, one that had molested her own daughter, yet they have not canceled TLC where one of the breakout stars has acknowledged that he did, in fact, molest at least five victims.

Video has surfaced of Josh seemingly joking about dating siblings after having to cancel a date due to a lack of chaperone. Instead he went out with his siblings on what he referred to as a “double date.” He followed that up joking, “We are from Arkansas.” An odd joke for a man who supposedly went to his victims and asked for forgiveness and then received counseling.

Josh and his wife Anna are expecting their fourth child, a girl. Josh, once lobbied for the Family Research Council promoting Christian ideals though stepped down from his position after the scandal broke.

Other reports have Jim Bob calling for the death penalty for rapists and “incestuous people” during his failed run for the U.S. Senate. Despite losing, Jim Bob reportedly made those comments the same year his son was fondling young girls, some possibly his own sisters.

So what is behind TLC’s resistance to cancel 19 and Counting? The show is surely a huge moneymaker and pulls in a large demographic lost to other programming but sponsors pulling out and updates daily highlighting what many see as hypocrisy in the Duggar family, what is TLC waiting for? Or are they waiting for it to die down and quietly return the show minus Josh?

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