TLC to Cancel ’19 Kids and Counting’ Following Josh Duggar Molestation News?

By on May 22, 2015
'19 kids and counting'

Will TLC listen to their viewers and cancel 19 Kids and Counting with the Duggar family, following the revelation that Josh Duggar molested his sisters and a couple of family friends?

'19 kids and counting'

Update: TLC has put 19 Kids and Counting on hiatus. No word if it is permanent or temporary.

If Mama June from Honey Boo Boo has anything to say about it, 19 Kids and Counting will be history and given the same treatment her show was given following the news that she was dating a child molester, who wasn’t even on her reality series.

Viewers are outraged with TLC, especially since the network opted to run a three hour marathon of the reality series, even after the news of the molestation hit the web! Many viewers took to social media telling TLC how they felt about them exploiting the show in light of everything that was going on. Some of the tweets included:

“Real classy @TLC, airing a 19 Kids and Counting marathon tonight”
“Nice work.”
“Disrespectful to victims.”
“Pretty tasteless.”

Eventually the hashtag, “#CancelTheDuggars” was even trending.

Josh Duggar has apologized for his actions as a teen. He fondled the victims breasts and genitals while the victims slept, as well as, when they were awake. Sadly, Jim Bob Duggar didn’t report his son for close to a year and even then decided to meet with the church and agreed Josh should be put in a treatment program. The police report says Josh’s mom, Michelle, said it wasn’t really a treatment center but rather they sent Josh to a man who was remodeling a building to do manual labor. Because nothing cures a child molester better than hard labor? Unfortunately, manual labor is not the answer. And either is counseling.

As reported on child, when a person molests or sexually abuses a child, it is more than a crime – it is most likely an addiction, as well. There is no scientific evidence proving that child molesters do not have the ability to change. But sex offenders are likely to abuse again right after serving time in jail.

The need to molest or abuse a child is almost impossible to fight for these people. It is not merely about the sexual need or desire, but more on the behavioral or mental disorder of the abuser or molester. With that being said, would we allow our children to be alone in a room with Josh Duggar? NEVER. The best course of action for any parent is to keep their children away from a molester. It is too risky to leave them alone with someone who has to fight the urge every day to touch a young child in a sexual manner.

TLC has another seven-hour marathon of 19 Kids and Counting shows slated for Friday.

Will TLC do the right thing and cancel the show? Will they listen to the viewers? TLC has done the right thing in the past, they will do the right thing again. Hopefully.

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  1. Connie Rose

    May 25, 2015 at 10:22 am

    Cancel this show. They discriminate against gays (not too Christian, don’t you think) but let a child molester live in their mists (really?), they have shown to be HYPOCRITES….Really? This is Christian moral values? Funny, they must have a different Bible than I do…Cancel this show

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