Video: Jennifer Lopez Admits She and Casper Smart Are Sort of Together Again

By on May 15, 2015
'jennifer lopez and casper smart dating again'
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Jennifer Lopez has admitted to ‘kind of dating’ her ex-boyfriend, Casper Smart.

'jennifer lopez and casper smart dating again'

Lopez stopped by The Ellen Show where she spoke about Casper Smart, having more children, coming to Las Vegas, American Idol and much more!

The last time Lopez was on The Ellen Show she and Smart were broken up.  The couple were together for a couple of years, before he was accused of visiting gay bars and cheating on Lopez with a transgender person. Ellen asked her if she lied about their relationship and Jennifer said, she never lies. She just didn’t want to speak about her relationship, but Ellen told her she had to, so she responded by saying,

“No, I don’t. First of all, I don’t lie. I say what my truth is. Whatever anybody else wants to perceive about me hanging out with people or other people or different people, it doesn’t matter. I know the truth.”

She may have been referring to the rumors several months ago that she was dating Maks Chmerkovskiy from Dancing With the Stars. Or she could have been talking about Casper Smart. When Ellen pushed to get the latest news, Lopez said she was a grown woman who is just doing what she feels like doing.She promised,

“When I have something really to say that’s permanent, or in a way that’s really important that I feel like I have to say something, I’ll say it!” She added, “I’ll say, ‘you know what? This is going down. We are this.’ But right now, I just feel like, I am me.”

Ellen also asked Jennifer if she wanted more children, to which she said she would love to have another baby. Ellen didn’t ask if she wanted to have a baby with boy toy, Casper Smart but it’s only a matter of time before the tabloids are having Lopez and Smart having a baby together or Lopez trying infertility treatments. The singer did say she would be happy to adopt, so we will be waiting for that headline, as well.

When asked about American Idol coming to an end, Lopez said ‘it’s not over until it’s over.’ Wishful thinking on her part since the show is definitely going off the air, as it was announced by Fox.

Speaking about her taking her show to Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood, Lopez said.

“Performing in Las Vegas is every performers dream. She is feeling the pressure saying, ‘How do I make my show fresh and exciting. Maybe I’ll fly, maybe I’ll swim.'”

Something tells us know matter what she decides to do, she will be a success.

What do you think about what Jennifer had to say? Hopefully, she will hold off on the pregnancy and not have a baby with Smart. That would be a disaster.

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