Video: Norm MacDonald Cries on The Late Show with David Letterman

By on May 16, 2015
'norm macdonald cries on letterman'
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Norm MacDonald appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman on May 15, 2015, as one of the talk show hosts final guests before the show officially goes off the air.

'norm macdonald cries on letterman'

MacDonald did standup first by telling the audience that he and Oprah were making the same amount of money today. MacDonald joked about drugs, the old days and using a telephone to take a photo and much more.

To close his act, MacDonald told the audience that this would be his last time on David Letterman. The first time MacDonald saw Dave he was 13 while living in Toronto, while in the audience for a talk show. He told the audience, between crying, his favorite joke from Letterman.  The joke was:

“I was on the street the other day and I saw a garbage truck and on the back of the garbage truck there was a small sign that said, ‘Please do not follow too closely.’  Another life’s simple pleasures ruined by a meddling bureaucracy . Remember the old days when Dad would pile the kids in a station wagon and we would all go out and follow a garbage truck.”

He finished by saying, I know that Mr. Letterman has no truck for the sentimental, but If something is true it’s not sentimental, and I say it’s true, “I love you.”

Letterman could only say, “oh my god, oh my god” followed by a “thank you” and “that was very sweet Norm.”

Letterman has had his share of interesting goodbyes this week with George Clooney handcuffing himself to him, Tina Fey stripping down to her underwear and Adam Sandler singing a special song for his final goodbye. Letterman’s long time rival, Oprah Winfrey, even appeared to say a goodbye. Letterman’s final goodbyes will air Monday, May 18th – Wednesday, May 20th with a three-night event filled with celebrity guests and a whole bunch of lasts. On Monday, May 18 Tom Hanks, who first appeared with Letterman on “Late Night” April 4, 1984, will make his 60th appearance with the host. Also that night, rock superstar Eddie Vedder will make a special music performance backed by Paul Shaffer and the CBS Orchestra.

Letterman’s first guest on “Late Night’s” debut on Feb. 1, 1982, was Bill Murray, who will appear on Tuesday, May 19th making his 44th overall and final appearance with the talk show host.

Finally, Wednesday will be filled with a lot of lasts including, the show’s final Top Ten List and a lot of surprises. No word on who the final guests will be. Will Letterman say goodbye like Jimmy Fallon did and have multiple celebrities come out and give him a dollar. Or will he make it simple and have it be just him.

Letterman is not an emotional person, so it will be interesting to see if the talk show host sheds a tear for his final show or if he leaves the stage with a smile, a wave, or just a simple ‘Good Night.’ We will be watching. Will you?

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