Videos: Sawyer Fredericks Sings ‘Take Me to the River’ and ‘Shine On’

By on May 4, 2015
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With only six contestants left on The Voice, the contestants each sang two songs tonight, May 4, 2015.

sawyer fredericks

As always Sawyer Fredericks sang his heart out singing two songs tonight, “Take Me To The River” and “Shine On.”

Fredericks has been a fan favorite since the beginning of the season. And based on Sawyer’s performance of Take Me to the River and Shine On, we can see why.

Fredericks sang “Shine On” first in honor of his mom, telling the judges that the song “means a lot” to her. Judges Comments: Adam Levine: “That was one of my favorite performances of the night because it was so perfectly executed and soulful and engaging. I wouldn’t be able to ask for anything more. I think that you’re unbelievable.” Blake: he sang it so well that Blake is almost kicking himself; Pharrell: incredible power within him.

Fredericks later sang the song “Take Me To The River,” surrounded by backup dancers for a different type of performance. Judges Comments: Blake said, “Man, you sing so amazing. That’s all you have to do. People can run around you and do flips, and it doesn’t matter. Doesn’t matter.” Pharrell: he worked the stage and the ladies loved it. Pharrell admitted he was unfamiliar with this version of the Al Green track, but Fredericks’ performance more than won him over. “We’re so used to you staying planted with the guitar,” said the singer-rapper-producer, before asking the audience, “Did he not work the stage, ladies?” Not surprisingly, a lot of applause ensued.

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