The Voice 2015 Recap 5/4/15- Season 8- Live Top 6 Performances

By on May 4, 2015
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“The Voice” is down to six singers and this is huge as the season is coming down to the wire. They are even starting to advertise for auditions for season nine, judges undetermined. You can keep up with season eight of “The Voice” right here.


After the vote last week which has Corey Kent White and Hannah Kirby from Team Blake Shelton and India Carney from Team Christina Aguilera, it was India who was saved by America’s Twitter Insta-save. I tried to save Corey but really, they were all great and it is just part of the show. Here are the six remaining singers, hoping to make it to the finale on May 18th.

  1. JOSHUA DAVIS (Adam)
  3. MEGHAN LINSEY (Blake)
  5. KORYN HAWTHORNE (Pharrell)
  6. INDIA CARNEY (Xtina)

This means that Team Pharrell Williams and Team Christina both have two singers left while Team Adam Levine and Blake only have one each. Blake is the reigning champ and as hopeful as I am that he will take it home again, they are all amazing. Last week was amazing as Blake broke out his new single “Sangria” and had former “The Voice” contestant Gwen Sebastian singing with him. It is an amazing song; download it now. It was also a week of reunions as each coach brought back coaches from seasons before. Blake had Cee Lo; Adam had Usher and Pharrell and Christina shared Gwen Stefani as Shakira was out of the country. Matt McAndrew was also back to perform his new single and again, download it. Then the coaches had to make the pleas for their teams, well Blake and Christina did.

This week, it is a new part of the game and song choice is more important than ever. If Blake and Adam want a chance at winning with just one singer each, they will have to coach their tails off. Who do you want to see move on?

Keep reading to see how the night’s performances go.

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