The Voice 2015 Who are the Final Four?

By on May 12, 2015
'the voice 2015 - the final five'

The Voice is down to the final four contestants.

'the voice 2015 - the final five'

Following amazing performances by the final five, one of the singers was eliminated. The fine finalists were two from Team Pharrell: Sawyer Fredericks and Koryn Hawthorne, Joshua Davis from Team Adam, Meghan Linsey from Team Blake and India Carney from Team Christina.

Each of the finalists performed two songs for the judges with hit songs such Gravity by Sara Bareilles, I Can’t Make You Love Me by Bonnie Rait, One by U2 and I’m Not the Only One by Sam Smith. They all proved they are amazing singers and getting down to the final four was no easy feat.

During the finals America has one last “instant save” they can use. This is the final time this season the save will be used. Last week when America saved India Carney for the second week in a row.

It is the last instant save of the season before next week’s finale. It’s hard to believe it was only three weeks ago that Joshua Davis was saved by America and now he is in the finals.

The first two finalists who were announced as safe were Sawyer Fredericks and Meghan Linsey, followed by Joshua Davis. This means that Koryn and India are in the bottom two and will need to be saved. Both Koryn and India were able to sing once more before America voted for either of them.

With only five minutes to tweet, viewers were told to tweet using the hashtag #VoiceSave(with the name of the artist). Viewers have 5 minutes to tweet, and the contestant with the most tweets was saved from elimination.

So who was saved and who was sent home?

The person who was instantly saved by America was Koryn and India Carney was immediately sent home from The Voice.

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