Younger Recap 5/26/2015 Season 1 Episode 10 – The Boy With The Dragon Tattoo

By on May 26, 2015
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end badly

Last week on Younger, Liza began to doubt how smart Josh was and instantly found a reason to push him away. She began to also doubt their relationship which is the reason she pushed him away to begin with, feeling as though she knows how it will end and seeing it only ending badly. Liza found herself in the slush pile, which is a stack of manuscripts that are tossed to the side because they are not good enough and will not sell well to Empirical’s publishing audience. She finds a book that she thinks is absolutely amazing and wants to get the company to publish it but has to help find a backing audience to support it. Liza and Josh have themselves an adult game of dodgeball in which Liza acquires a black eye from it, and we all know that as a kid, those are never fun.

We meet one of Josh’s friends, Jen who furthers Liza’s fear of Josh not being as bright as she had hoped and in return this leads to the two having an intense time at the bar together. It starts with him pronouncing a word on the menu wrong and ends with him questioning how much and how well he knows Liza. This was a classic moment where Liza was too scared to face her true feelings and those are that she may be actually falling for Josh but her whole life is a lie. Kelsey tells Liza that if Josh not being as smart as she thought is a deal breaker for her then that’s what it is and she should accept it. She also suggests that Liza targets the suburban housewife audience for the manuscript she wants published. Finding her own house wife friends, she gives them a copy of the book and they love it, starting their own reviews online and making it known that they want this book published.

The episode ended with one of the cutest Younger moment’s ever with the two walking off as the backdrop set behind them and Josh accepted Liza’s apology, all while she got hit in the head by none other than Jen.

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