American Ninja Warrior Recap 6/1/15 – Qualifying Rounds Night 2

By on June 1, 2015
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Tonight, American Ninja Warrior is headed to Union Station in Kansas City, MO for yet another qualifying round. American Ninja Warrior 2015

This course – as with all qualifying rounds – is made up of six obstacles. First up is the Quintuple Steps, followed by new obstacles the Big Dipper and Floating Tiles. The Modified Ring Toss is next, followed by the third new obstacle – Bungee Road, with the infamous Warped Wall rounding out the lineup.

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Contestant: Lars
Results: Lars did an awesome job of taking on the first few obstacles, making it through the Big Dipper and Floating Tiles with ease. Unfortunately when he got to the Modified Ring Toss he got hung up (no pun intended).

Contestant: Tyler
Results: Unfortunately Tyler was disqualified when attempting the Big Dipper. Womp womp!

Contestant: Annie Dudek
Results: Annie is PE teacher and Kansas City native that’s looking forward to making her mark on the American Ninja Warrior course. She makes the first few obstacles look easy, making it further along the Ring Toss than any other competitor has thus far and eventually became the first competitor to complete it! Bungee Road was up next, and while she gave it a valiant effort, Annie unfortunately hit the water about 3/4 of the way across.

Contestant: Frankie
Results: Frankie is a first time Ninja and full-time farm hand. He made excellent work across the first part of the course making it through to the Ring Toss with no problem. Unfortunately he hit the water on the Bungee Road after missing the first bungee.

Contestant: Steven
Results: Steven is an autistic Ninja who isn’t letting anything stand in his way! The crowd was chanting his name and fully behind him as he made it across the Quintuple Steps was ease. Unfortunately Steven didn’t make it past the Big Dipper, but his attempt was fantastic and the crowd – and of course his family – were stoked for him regardless.

Contestant: Cassie
Results: This pole vaulter from Wichita, Kansas that competes on the Wichita State track and field team is ranked third all-time in pole vault and the 60 meter hurdles – so she’s got a huge athletic background! She made it through the first few obstacles – including the Big Dipper and Floating Tiles – with no problem. The Ring Toss was no problem and up next was Bungee Row – the obstacle that no one has completed yet. She did very well and nearly made it throughout the obstacle but just baaarely missed the transition and hit the water.

Contestant: Dennis
Results: Dennis is a returning American Ninja Warrior hopeful who ruptured his achilles tendon on last year’s course. He ended up having two surgeries, being out of work for five months, and undergoing six months of physical therapy – but he’s back here again this year to take revenge on the course! The beginning portions of the course were a breeze for him, and he even made Bungee Row look like a cake walk – and he was the first person to complete it tonight! And so, it was on to the Warped Wall – and he went right up on the first attempt, becoming the very first finisher of the night!

Contestant: Tavares
Results: Tavares flew through every single obstacle, barely pausing until he got to Bungee Row, where he stopped and took a deep breath before jumping up – flying through it, and heading to the Warped Wall. At just 5’5″ Tavares could have potentially had some difficulty with the Warped Wall, but he ran right up and became the second finisher of the night.

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