American Ninja Warrior Recap 6/22/15 – Qualifying Rounds Night 4

By on June 22, 2015
American Ninja Warrior 2015
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On tonight’s episode of American Ninja Warrior we’re headed to Orlando, Florida for the fourth qualifying round.American Ninja Warrior 2015

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After skipping the week last week due to the NBA Finals, we’re back on track and things are looking to be super exciting. This week the competitors will be facing off against obstacles such as the Tire Swing and Paddle Boards.

And now, on to the competition!

Contestant: Booty
Results: Booty had a good run through the first two obstacles, but when he approached the Paddle Boards he slipped and is our first competitor to get knocked off the course.

Contestant: Dougie Fresh
Results: Dougie has made some big claims – if he makes it to the top of the Warped Wall he’s planning to propose to his girlfriend. She has no idea this is coming, but I’ve never rooted so hard for someone on this show! He made it through the first few events easily and then headed to the Tire Swing, one of the new events. And unfortunately, he hit the water… so, it looks like there won’t be any public proposal tonight. Womp womp.

Contestant: Marybeth
Results: Marybeth made it through the first few events easily, and completed the Rolling Log – but just barely. She was flung off the log just as she reached the end of its track and took the brunt of the impact on her head. After getting her bearings for a few seconds she shook it off and was back at it on the Tire Swing and became the first competitor to complete it! The Double Tilt Ladder is next, which proved to be a doozy in the St. Louis qualifying rounds. Unfortunately, the Double Tilt Ladder got the best of her and she hit the water on the transition.

Contestant: Ricky
Results: Ricky said he was here to have fun and he certainly did. He looked like he was having the time of his life as he made his way through the course, however the Double Tilt Ladder also got the best of him and on the transition he hit the water.

Contestant: Coach Casey
Results: Casey – who is only 5’1″ – gave it her all, but the Rolling Log got the best of her and she hit the water early.

Contestant: Nathan
Results: Nathan had QUITE the run, suffering a blow to the head and drawing some blood on the Rolling Log. He brushed it off (figuratively and literally) and carried on with the course, and made it past the transition on the Double Tilt Ladder, becoming the first contestant of the night to do so! He completed the obstacle (woo!) and it was on to the Warped Wall. And on the first try, he’s up and over – the first finisher of the night!

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